The Wachowskis’ Return To The Big Screen

The Wachowskis,’ Lana and Larry, not been represented on the big screen since 2003’s Matrix Revolutions, will be back with a film based upon David Mitchell’s novel, Cloud Atlas.

The film is so ambitious that besides the Wachowski’s, Tom Twyker (if you haven’t seen “The International” catch it because it not only successfully depicts a bank that’s in the middle of some criminal malfeasance, but is perhaps one of the most gorgeously photographed films in memory) will be directing as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, since the novel involves time travel, the film will as well, though in a very novel manner.

Tom Twyker will handle the parts of the film that involve the past, while the Wachowskis’ will handle those that take place in the future.  Supposedly the film will involve two crews, and will shoot parallel to each other.

Many films come together in the editing booth, though as far as I am aware this film will be one of the first to combine the talents and visions of differing directors, using different crews but the same actors,  in a fashion that yields one picture.

‘The Hunger Games’ Teaser Trailer

Here’s the teaser trailer for Gary Ross’s “The Hunger Games,” based upon the young adult series of novels by Suzanne Collins.  I am aware of them (I dig their minimalist covers) but haven’t been seriously into ‘young adult’ fiction since John Christopher’s “The White Mountains.”

I hope Lionsgate has better luck with this than “Conan, The Barbarian,” which underwhemed critically and at the box office.

Josh Brolin Is ‘Oldboy’

Sorry about the delay on this one (damn work;).

According to Deadline, Josh Brolin has signed up for Spike Lee’s “Oldboy.”

I want to call it a remake of Chan-wook Park’s film, but it seems that it’s based upon the manga (which was the basis for the film).

Tron 3 Closer To Seeing The Light Of Day?

The image to the left is supposedly of Nessie, which for me is similar to Disney’s 2010 hit “Tron: Legacy”  in that I can feel it’s out there, though at the moment no one has seen any hints of it in the wild (yet).  So what, there was no mention of the film on Disney’s upcoming slate, which doesn’t mean that development has stopped.

If it had The House of Mouse wouldn’t have chosen someone to write the sequel, or pulled a ‘Lone Ranger‘ on the production.

Now, choosing a writer isn’t the same as a finished film, but it’s a start.

Now, Bruce Boxleitner saying that there’s a sequel in the works doesn’t mean that there’s a sequel in the works, but you have to admit that, seeing that he’s Tron himself, he would probably know if there was any movement on that particular front.

Red Band ‘Our Idiot Brother’ Trailer

Here’s the red band trailer for Jesse Peretz‘ “Our Idiot Brother.”

Contained therein are a few somewhat infantile gags involving urination and male nudity, which is why the commercial was banned by ABC, despite there being nothing that we haven’t seen before.

That being said, you see guys having conversations at urinals on TV, despite talking not being the primary purpose of their visit.

And it bears mentioning that, while Paul Rudd is perhaps be one of the wittiest people acting today, he’s looking a bit portly.

‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ In Third, Proceeded by ‘Colombiana’ and ‘The Help’

“The Help” continues to hold on to first place at the box office, at $14.3 million, “Colombiana” at $10.3 million and “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” at $8.7 million.

Despite placing in third, “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark,” budgeted at $25 million, will bounce back when the box office recovers from the effects of Hurricane Irene.

Thanks to Box Office Mojo.

SLMI Suing Makers of ‘Conan, The Barbarian’

According to Cinema Blend, Stan Lee Media, Inc. (SLMI) a company no longer affiliated with Stan Lee, is suing the makers of Lionsgate’s “Conan, The Barbarian for the use of the character of Conan, which they supposedly own the rights to.”

I have one problem with this:  ‘Conan’ isn’t making any money.  It cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $90 million to produce, and so far earned around $17 million. Which begs the question…Why sue someone or something that isn’t profitable?

Or at the very least has the resources to pay you because, if you’re relying on box office receipts from “Conan, The Barbarian” then you’re going to be waiting for a very, very long time.

Though there’s a method to SLMI’s madness, which is revealed in a Hollywood Reporter article.  The answer is that they are not only attempting to sue Paradox Entertainment, the Swedish company that currently owns the rights to the character, but Marvel Entertainment and Stan Lee (!) as well for characters like Spider-Man, The X-Men, Iron Man and The Fantastic Four.

Anyone else think that seemingly (American) litigiousness is a bit out of control?

Red Band “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” Trailer

Just in case the first trailer for Troy Nixey’s remake of “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” didn’t get your blood racing, here’s the red band trailer, where all sorts of nastiness is hinted at.

Considering all the sinister goings on at Blackwood Manor, shouldn’t this film be called “You Will Definitely Be Afraid Of The Dark?”

‘The Invisible Man’ Redux

Edited 8/25 2239

David Goyer is preparing a version of H.G Wells’ “The Invisible Man” for Universal.  The problem with this is that he isn’t a very good director (I still haven’t recovered from the mess that was “Blade: Trinity“), and he tends to be an even worse one when he’s directing from his own writing, when there isn’t anyone to reign him in.

Which is why I am not exactly optimistic about “The Invisible Man.”  I could be wrong, after all ZigZag was a pretty strong directoral debut, but “The Unborn” and the aforementioned “Blade: Trinity?”

Not so much.

By the way, can anyone inform me why it is that David Goyer is seemingly the go-to guy whenever someone wants to make a move about anything remotely fantastical?  From Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman’ films to television series like Fast Forward, it’s almost as if no one else exists.

Did anyone forget that this guy created a TV movie of Marvel’s Nick Fury (starring David Hasselhoff!)?