New John Carter Photos

Here’s some new photos from “John Carter,” based upon Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “John Carter: Warlord of Mars” novels.

I don’t know about this movie.  I haven’t read the novels it’s based upon, but to me it lacks the spectacle that something that costs in the neighborhood of $250 million should.

That’s a lot of cabbage for a movie that so far looks just a tad underwhelming.

Then there’s the title.  “John Carter?”  Really?  It’s almost as someone at Disney wants this movie to fail, unless they’re deliberately lowering expectations, which is a bit weird because of the aforementioned budget.

All images courtesy of The Walt Disney Company and Apple.


My Secret Twilight Shame

I admit that when I first heard about the general disdain thrown the way of the ‘Twilight’ films, I joined right in despite never having seen any of them.

In my defense, can you blame me?  Sparkly vampires?  Reproducing (as in sexually) vampires?  I DON’T THINK SO.  I grew up on films like “Fright Night,” “Blood On Satan’s Claw” (which isn’t a vampire film, but it’s plenty creepy and gory for the time period), “Dracula” (with Frank Langela), and “Scream, Blackula, Scream” (which is much, much better film than the title would lead you to believe) so I think that I get vampires.

But clearly there are millions of people that disagree because “Twilight: Breaking Dawn–Part 1” has brought in $500 million worldwide.

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Revenue Enhancers For Content Providers

I don’t tend to lean toward the wonky side of tech issues, but when I learned about HBO Go and Max Go, I felt a comment was necessary.  What HBO Go and Max Go are are ways to watch both HBO and Cinemax content on mobile devices.
Which is a really good idea, though the only problem is that to access either offering you have to subscribe to either network via cable.
That’s OK, but what executives at those networks seem to be take for granted is the increasingly mobile nature of many people’s lives.  For many people home is a place where we eat and sleep; in other words, it’s a rest stop between work, school and whatever else we need to do.

Netflix Is Down

And I don’t mean “down” in the sense of something that’s cool, or rocks.  Instead, I mean it in the way that something isn’t working, that should. I am hoping that the damage is limited to me–though I doubt it–because I am not sure how much more negative publicity Netflix, and their stock price, can stand.

And I get that these things fail sometimes, though something unexpected happening (in a bad way) related to Netflix is becoming more and more common.

Personally, I would appreciate less mea culpas, and more concrete actions to solve problems.

After checking out Contact, I think that it’s safe to assume that what’s going on with Netflix is happening to a lot more people.  And while being down sucks, the greater problem is that they aren’t talking to anyone.

I attempted to watch around 2200 (10 p.m.), though it appears from comments from Contact that the problems probably began a few hours earlier, around 2000 (8 p.m.)

Some people report that resetting their passwords grants them access to the site, though they still don’t seem able to watch movies.  I am personally against a reset, because there’s nothing wrong (on my end) with my password.

Booster Gold Is Coming To SyFy!

In the name of full disclosure, I am not a huge fan of DC Comics, and am irritated that one of their characters that I do happen to like, Green Lantern, was in such a mediocre movie.

Booster Gold, according to the Hollywood Reporter by way of Comic Book Resources, is coming to SyFy.

Why is this not-so-good news?  It have little to do with Booster Gold being one of the lamer DC characters and more to do with the fact that it’s SyFy, a network not exactly known for quality productions.

And I know what you’re thinking:  What about “Battlestar Galactica?”  You’d be right, but can you really judge a network by the occasional success (admittedly a remarkable one), especially when those successes are surrounded by so much trek.

Then there’s the fact that one of the persons that is working on the upcoming series is none other than….Greg Berlanti!

Yes!  The very same Greg Berlanti that worked on…wait for it…2011’s Green Lantern!


“Limitless” on one level is a really enjoyable tale about a guy, Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper), who discovers a drug that enables him to use the portion of his mind that in most people goes unused; though I prefer the other, more subversive, unspoken level best.  That movie is the story of a man that, through the selective use of a pharmaceutical called NZT, is able to make a great life for himself that he would have been unable to do without the drug.

In fact, the story would glorify drugs blatantly, if it were not for the obligatory threat of misuse, as well as the way that Morra almost manages to screw up what is probably the best thing that has ever happened to him.

The film begins at the end, with Morra threatening to jump from a rooftop, and from there it moves to the circumstances that put him on the ledge in the first place.

He doesn’t appear very competent as a person, never mind a writer, because it seems that he’s unable to make a living doing anything else (Morra has been living off an advance from a book he’s currently unable to write).

This makes him a prime candidate for NZT because, other than his life–he doesn’t have all that much to lose at this point.

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Arrested Development Better Than None At All

Netflix, looking to differentiate themselves from Amazon and Hulu, have begun to develop original series, with an unspoken benefit of a (mild) lessening of the hold that content providers (such as Starz which is pulling their content from the network in 2012) currently have.

The development of original series is a smart move for the network, the announcement of which helps to distract from some of the recent terrible managerial decisions  that have hurt the company’s reputation and sent its stock price to new lows.

The first of those original series, “House of Cards,” is still in development, though the resumption of “Arrested Development” is probably most on people’s minds.  It’s due in 2013, and I think that most of the original cast will be present.

The Hunger Games Trailer

I just watched the trailer for “The Hunger Games,” and it looks OK, but not quite distinctive enough for me to pay to see.  Lionsgate has a lot riding on this film, and looking at the trailer I am not sure that it’s money well-spent.

The movie–and hopefully the sequels–are based upon a series of young adult novels by Suzanne Collins.