New ‘Iron Man 3’ Poster

I apologize for the earlier title, in which I wrote ‘Trailer’ instead of ‘Poster.’

I have posted before that Tony Stark in “Iron Man 3” is going to spend a bit of time on the Dark Side (which is an interesting turn of phrase considering Disney now owns Lucasfilm), and in the process end up being Marvel Studios’ version of “The Empire Strikes Back.”

What justification do I have?  First, there’s the trailer, which isn’t all big bunnies (though there is one in the US version) and happy times.

The new poster reinforces that perspective.


I also am including the British version of the trailer, and while it isn’t significantly different that the one intended for domestic consumption, the tone is a bit more serious, and seems to emphasize not only how damaged Stark may be, but how he’s afraid that he can’t defend those he loves.

Sounds like serious stuff to me.

Duncan Jones Plays With Warcraft!

World of WarcraftThis is interesting news!  According to Deadline, Duncan Jones, director of “Moon” and “Source Code,” will be directing a movie based upon Activision Blizzard’s MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) “World of Warcraft.”  I am of two minds about this:  While it’s good that Jones will be working with a larger palate than his prior films (it’s estimated to cost somewhere in the $100 million ballpark), and his work on those two films showed that he can handle difficult subjects, like time-travel and body swapping, without getting caught up in minutiae.

On the other side, the problem is that there are many people that have never heard of ‘Warcraft,’ and quite a lot of those people will be necessary for it to make a profit.

The game is very involved (I have played it, though not very often or recently), which should enable the filmmakers to create a rich and varied environment on a par with films like “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” and the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies.

I also recall reading that Sam Raimi was attached to this project a few years ago, which is clearly not the case any longer.

‘The Tomorrow People’ Reboot (Will Probably Rape My Childhood)

Why is it that Hollywood, whenever it begins to run low on ideas, feels the need to plunder my dreams?

Perhaps I shouldn’t take such things so personally, but after the upcoming (?) reboot of “Space: 1999,” and now “The Tomorrow People,” I am beginning to wonder.

The original series of the “The Tomorrow People,” there was a reboot in 2007 that I never saw, came out in the 1970’s, and it occupies a special place in my memories, though not for the reasons that some would think.  The special effects weren’t all that great–in fact, they weren’t even on a par with those of Doctor Who from the same period (which is saying something)–and while the acting wasn’t remarkable, it was at least earnest (something British actors seem to better able to get across than their American counterparts, in any case).

Paul Giamatti Is The Rhino

A few months ago I read that Paul Giamatti was interested in playing the Rhino, a member of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery.  At the time I recall thinking that that was some of the most awesome casting that I have heard in a long while–mainly because he actually looks like the character–though I didn’t think much of it because Jamie Foxx had already been cast as Electro in the sequel.

And as much as I would like to have seen Giamatti in the role, I didn’t want to see another ‘Spider-Man 2’ scenario, where you had villains thrown together in perhaps the most inorganic manner possible without the background that would make such an effort successful.

The only thing that reassures me somewhat is that the Rhino and Electro actually have banned together against Spider-Man in the comics, which at least means that it won’t feel as left-fieldish as Sandman teaming up with Venom (though admittedly the problem with that lies more with the writing than the characters because, besides the fact that better writers could have pulled it off, many of the people that will see the film will probably have no idea of the history between the two characters).

This leads me to believe that the filmmakers are building up toward unveiling The Sinister Six (The Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, and Kraven the Hunter, or some variation thereof), which would be all sorts of cool.

‘Phantom’ Trailer


I had never heard of this film before I saw the poster when I went to see “Mama.”  It takes place during the Cold War, and is based upon a true story (whatever that means).  It stars David Duchovny, Ed Harris, and William Fichtner, though what interested me more was that two of the producers are John Watson and Pen Densham, who I am accustomed to seeing associated with television productions like “Poltergeist: The Legacy” and 1995’s ‘Outer Limits’ reboot.

Looking at the filmography of both men, it appears that their work is significantly more extensive than I realized.

Watching the trailer, I have to admit that it looks sort of routine–well-acted, but routine–till Duchovny says “Engage the Phantom,” and this weird light engulfs him.

It leads me to think that ‘the Phantom’ is perhaps some type of innovative propulsion system, and not a weapon.

‘Dead Island: Riptide’ Trailer

It’s been awhile, relatively speaking, since I last posted.  That will tend to happen when I don’t feel like making a mountain out of a molehill, like with the rumor that Marvel is considering adding either Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler to the cast of “Guardians of the Galaxy” (as Rocket Raccoon).

If I said that I didn’t care I’d be lying because I prey that the Powers That Be choose Carrey, whom I take just a bit more seriously (and by “a bit more seriously” I mean ‘a lot’) than Sandler.

Anyway, I found the CGI trailer for the upcoming “Dead Island: Riptide” video game, and thought that I would post it, though I should add if you’re of the mindset that video games somehow cause you to purchase a gun and go out and shoot someone, I suggest that you move on (which is interesting in that somehow guns, according to some people, have relatively little to do with violence, yet I haven’t heard of anyone being pummeled to death by an PS3 cartridge.  Though if I did I would be unable to avoid part of myself admiring the person based upon how difficult that would be to do).

Nothing to see here.

In reference to the above trailer, it starts out really beautiful, till the zombies come and things end in fire (as things tend to do, when you’re dealing with zombies).

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3.5 Trailer

The Walking Dead 3.5There’s a new trailer for the upcoming season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” the last with showrunner Glen Mazzara (who on some level I blame for Frank Darabont, the showrunner before him, leaving the show, despite the fact that I should know better).

I remain a fan of the series–after all, they haven’t got rid of the zombies (yet)–but the showrunner isn’t a minor position, and has a lot to do with the direction and feel of a particular series.  For instance, I get the feeling that under Darabont there would be more of the original cast still on the show (some of whom decided to leave BECAUSE Darabont was treated so shabbily).

Then there’s the odd feeling that AMC management is killing the show gradually, by degrees, and we viewers are the frog put in a pot of water, with the heat turned up so gradually that it doesn’t realize that there’s a change.

Till it’s too late.

I also thought that I should mention that I don’t like the new poster, especially when you compare it those from prior seasons.

‘Mama’ Review


““Mama” is an auspicious debut from Andrés (Andy) Muschietti that gets much more right than wrong.”  

Andy Muschietti’s “Mama” is a bit of a throwback to an era when horror films aimed not to disgust, but to scare and frighten.  It was a time when most of the violence was implied, yet somehow was more effective than actually seeing it, because there’s no place scarier than our imaginations.

“Mama” isn’t a film that reveals its secrets easily, or quickly (it could have used a bit of tightening in the editing department).  Speaking of ’secrets,’ I thought that I should mention that there were some critics that complained that the creature was revealed too early.  I don’t know what cut of the film that they saw, but I don’t recall seeing it in its entirety till about an hour or so in.

In fact, I think that the restraint Muschietti showed was not only unusual, but admirable, especially when it served to heighten tension.

Another film of hauntings and the undead, Peter Medak’s “The Changling,” momentarily came to mind when I was watching this, though he’s a far superior film maker (which is understandable, considering that he has probably done sixty or seventy projects at this point).

Another thing that Medak’s does better is to generate a tangible sense of menace, and more effectively use sound and light.

This is something that Andy Muschietti will learn, though in his defense, there are some remarkably interesting and innovative shots in this film, some of which manage to turn a simple composition into something amazing.

In summary, “Mama” isn’t a great film, nor is it the scariest film you’ll ever see, though it does try to bring something new to the table–while evoking the past, which makes it worth seeing for that reason alone.

‘Mama’ Leading Weekend Box Office

MamaIt seems that I am not the only one with mother issues because the Guillermo Del Toro produced horror film, “Mama,” has already earned $10 million Friday, and is on track to add another $20 million by the end of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Unfortunately, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, “The Last Stand” seems to be paying the price for “Mama’s” success, earning $2 million (which is a bittersweet victory because, while I will see most anything with Del Toro’s name associated with it, I like the work of Jee woon-Kim, whose film “I Saw The Devil” is well worth catching).

And while I am never particularly fond of PG-13 horror films, they tend to work better than hard-R’s in the at it opens up the film to a larger audience.

What I also find interesting is that it has a 65% ‘fresh’ rating at Rottentomatoes, which is good for a horror film, though that rating could fall as more reviews come in.

I’ll have a review coming soon.