Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension – Trailer

Let’s be honest.  The Paranormal Activity movies are pretty bad.  Sure, they vary where they sit on the suckometer, but what’s a given is the suckage. And i know that I maybe should be more grateful that horror movies are getting their due, but making really bad ones aren’t, in the long run, helping anyone because people are just going to stop paying to see them–or pirate them, which is worse in its way. I mean, I PAID to see Ouija, and felt a bit violated (though the sequel is being written by Mike Flanagan, who did the far better Oculus, so I might take a chance on it. The bastards) and for most people, unlike me apparently, it’s “trick me once, shame on me.  Trick me twice, same on you.”

Heroes Reborn – The Extraordinary Among Us (Trailer)

I really liked this trailer for NBC’s upcoming Heroes Reborn, despite that fact that it felt very familiar (especially if you’ve seen Netflix’s Daredevil or Sense8).  That being said, the series that inspired it was really cutting edge at the time, though through a combination of a writers strike, bad timing and–in my opinion–bad writing pretty much doomed the series in its first incarnation.

But what’s past is past, and here’s to a more heroic future.

Harbinger Down – International Trailer

it’s taken filmmakers long enough to realize that ‘quality’ and ‘horror’ aren’t necessairly mutually exclusive terms, if movies like The Babadook and It Follows are any indication.

Though it goes without saying that we’ll continue to get drek like Ouija (good idea, remarkably uninspired movie) and Paranormal Activity, but that’s okay as long as the good stuff continues be green-lit as well.

And speaking of ‘good stuff,’ StudioADI has cut an international trailer for their upcoming love letter to H.P. Lovecraft and John Carpenter’s The Thing, Harbinger Down.

The significance being that if there’s an international trailer, it assumes that at the very least that the movie will be released in theaters overseas, though I get the feeling that it will be lucky to get a limited run in theaters on this side of the world (though It Follows was was originally going direct to video, before someone thought better of the idea and released it to theaters).Trailer

And who knows?  One successful adaptation of a Lovecraft-like movie could conceivably get studios to approve others.

Fear The Walking Dead: Nick’s Escape – Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer for Fear The Walking Dead, the companion series to AMC’s The Walking Dead, has turned up, and I am a bit concerned in that I have no idea what’s going to differentiate it from the series that spawned it.

They appear to be going the route of using the trailers to individually introduce significant characters, so here’s Nick.

You can’t tell what’s he’s running from, though I am reasonably sure it’s a zombie–it’s worth mentioning that based on the way he keeps looking back implies that something is moving as quickly as he is, though considering that the zombies are Romero-type, makes that highly unlikely, so there’s a bit of a mystery, which is never a bad thing–though as far as I am aware, at heart it’s no different that The Walking Dead, except for a new cast and location.

And speaking of different actors–I have a sneaking suspicion that that that will only be the case till the inevitable crossover.

I think it’s important to mention that I am not saying that Fear The Walking Dead is going to be a bad series–I haven’t seen it, so I have no idea–though what I am saying is that I don’t see how it’s going to be a distinctive one.

I also don’t expect it to fail, though I do expect it to disappoint (critically and ratings-wise, though it should premiere big before it goes into a spiral, before stabilizing).

Spectre TV Spot 1

I was pretty impressed by Skyfall, which somehow managed to be referential to James Bond movies past, while at the same time breaking new ground.

Though Spectre holds the promise of being the James Bond feature that reintroduces to fans a character that many have been waiting for for a long time, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. A villain that’s been parodied everywhere from Inspector Gadget (Dr. Claw) to the Austin Powers (Dr. Evil) movies, it will be good to see him again.

Though for awhile it seemed that MGM couldn’t use the character, though since it appears likely he’ll turn up in Spectre, it gives me a bit of hope that Marvel’s lost sheep will eventually make their way home as well.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2: Official Teaser Trailer 1

Katniss Everdeen, and the rebellion she helped nurture has finally borne bitter fruit, as the players aligned against President Snow seemingly make their move.

Though what I find most interesting is that the world of Panem–as depicted in the Hunger Games movies, at any rate–looks remarkably similar to today’s America (in that you have entrenched elites making all the important decisions, while the citizenry are given a hearty helping of bread and circuses).

And if it at all reflects reality, we might have some very interesting times ahead of us.

The Martian – Trailer

It may have just been me, but looking at the trailer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian the first thing that came to mind was another Scott movie, Prometheus, which features a silica storm that looks just like the one featured in this movie.

Though I am assuming that they producers are going less for hard-core science fiction more than an enhanced reality, like in the case of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, which coupled a realistic premise with a not-quite-realistic action.

I am also wondering how it is that there’s a dust storm on Mars?  There’s no air, nor an atmosphere for it to exist in, so what’s blowing the sand about?  I am not a scientist of any sort, but it reads a bit odd (according to Universetoday, there’s actually air on Mars, though I assume that it’s just it’s too thin to breathe.

It’s fascinating in that its storms are caused primarily by sunlight, which causes the air to move, lifting dust from the Martian surface into the air.