The 33 – Trailer

Not to be cynical–which pretty much means I am going to do exactly that–but I am shocked to see that the producers of the upcoming The 33 are actually casting Latino actors to play the Chilean miners who were trapped in a cave-in a few years ago (I only recognized Lou Diamond Phillips, who wasn’t among those men trapped, though hope strings eternal).  And speaking of which, why is the trailer in English? I hope they do something clever. ike in the case of The Hunt For Red October, when the actors began speaking Russian, yet through movie magic this was turned to English; which at least tells viewers that they’re doing so for our benefit of an domestic audience).

Or even subtitles would be welcome because the likelihood those miners were speaking English primarily–probably their second language, if at all–is a bit unlikely).

After all, the movie Alive was based on the story of an Uruguayan football team who’s plane crashed in the Andes, yet the cast was almost as white as the snow that capped the mountains they were stranded on.

And more recently, remember Aloha?

There’s also the danger of the Chilean minors becoming secondary characters in their own story, which if you have seen Mississippi Burning, is more possible than you’d think.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – Trailer 2

The Maze Runner honestly mystified me.  It was pretty popular, and hugely profitable (earning over $340 million on a $34 million budget) yet was stuck with a seriously nonsensical plot that was way more complex–and not in a good way–than it needed to be.

The cast was pretty game, and clearly brought into the entire premise, but when that premise sucks then typically all the enthusiasm in the world can’t help you.

Which leads me to Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.  The trailer looks pretty cool (and what trailer these days doesn’t?), though I am hoping and praying that it isn’t as ludicrous as the first movie.

New Spectre Trailer

MGM released the new trailer for their latest James Bond adventure a few hours ago, and there’s the prerequisite car chases, explosions and Bond being Bond (by which I mean a bit abrupt and dickish).

It’s also the first trailer that we see Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) in a full reveal, though what we don’t see is the damned Turkish Angora cat, who’s been linked to the character every since his first appearance in Thunderball.

In fact, I wish that they had showed the cat in the early trailers, it would have been a much more effective reveal.

And why didn’t they number the trailer?  Will the next one–and you know there will be a next one–be the ‘latest’ James Bond Trailer?  ‘Newest James Bond Trailer?’

The Good Dinosaur – Trailer 2

The Good Dinosaur will be the latest from Pixar, and I want to say that it will make a bazillion dollars, like most Pixar movies, though I don’t know…the dinosaur in question looks a bit gummy.  That might not matter at all, after all it’s not like everything that they have done so far is photorealistic, though it bothers me.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic-Con Trailer

BvSDoJ  pictureIf the latest trailer for Warner Bros. upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is any indicator, it embodies what irritates me about what I have seen of the DC Cinematic Universe (So far, that’s just Man of Steel).  It feels that the heroes that make it up, Superman in particular, just doesn’t get the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” thing.

You see it even in the trailer.  Ma Kent has to CONVINCE Superman to be Superman, when I would have thought that the whole flying, super-strength and heat vision would have went a long way towards clearing that up.

In fact, the picture above perfectly encapsulates my feeling about DC superheroes, namely that they’re distant and place themselves above us, as opposed to being lighthouses, showing us the way to our better selves.

And if this is the difference that they want to convince people of, more power to them, but I get the feeling that the shelf-life is shorter than they realize.

Suicide Squad – Comic-Con trailer

Gotta admit that the Suicide Squad trailer looks pretty good.  My hopes drooped for a moment when I saw Will Smith during the snowy street scene (which looked very cheap, and was clearly shot in a studio), then rose in my esteem pretty quickly.

Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf

What the hell is a ‘sharktopus,’ you might ask?  It’s a cross between a shark and an octopus, and while combining either of those two creatures should have nothing to do with it moving about on land–like it does in the trailer–you have to admit that it’s pretty interesting.

It’s also proof that despite the presence of really good series like Ascension, Syfy has literally and figuratively jumped the shark.

And despite the fact that there’s no mention of the infamous Asylum anywhere, they have to be associated with this somehow.