Martin Landau Comments On ‘Space: 2099′

Space 2099 2I was drifting around the Internet, when I found this YouTube post from Jace Hall (the guy who’s spearheading the upcoming (?) “Space: 2099”). The recording isn’t the best, and Landau (Commander Koenig from the original series) doesn’t say all that anything that most fans of the original series don’t already know, but it’s good to see him not only still in command of his faculties, but he actually brings up the upcoming series to his questioner.

Which I thought was really cool.

And I have to give credit to Hall because, while what little I know of the news concept doesn’t exactly inspire me, at least he appears to care about the original.

The Latest ‘Space: 2099′ News!

For quite a while now I was wondering what was going on with “Space: 2099,” the reboot of Gerry Anderson’s “Space: 1999,” because I haven’t heard any news on that front for four or five months.  I was  worried that it suffered the fate of the UFO reboot, which appears to be caught somewhere in development hell.

Luckily that appears not to be the case because I just read a recent interview with Jace Hall, who’s spearheading the reboot.

The interview mainly goes into why Hall chose to reboot the series, and while it doesn’t say anything about how the development is going, it also doesn’t seem to imply that there are any problems.

Competing Space: 1999 Reboots

I have always assumed that the question of whether or not there would be a reboot of Space: 1999 was more a question of when, than if because, if television or feature films have taught us anything, it’s that updating something that already exists is easier than spending the time, money and effort to actually innovate.

That’s meant to be only partially snarky, because the remake of “Battlestar Galactica” improved significantly upon a series that was little more than a blatant “Star Wars” clone.

Jace Hall’s Space 2099, the version of Gerry Anderson’s original series most likely to reach production, due to the backing by iTV and Hall’s own HDFilms, is actually not in terms of actual development.

That honor would be reserved for Moonbase Alpha’s Legacy, developed by Eric Bernard

Unlike Hall’s Space 2099, there’s video available that illustrates how far Bernard’s version has progressed, and it’s pretty brilliant.

Space 2099 Concept Designs

Here are a few concept pics, courtesy of io9, of the upcoming series Space 2099.  Being concept pics, they work only as an introduction to what the re-imagining of the series will be like, yet even a relatively limited capacity as that they offer a glimpse into what Jace Hall, the producer of the upcoming series, has in mind.

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