Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s Final Cut suite of professional editing programs have been used on films from the Coen brothers remake of “True Grit” to “(500) Days of Summer”.  According to Facebook, in 2007 49% of films made were edited with the application.

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UnKnowing Participants of New Documentary

“African Cats” features the daily going-ons of the continent’s breathtaking feline wildlife. It’s the documentary with no actors and actresses. An unscripted account of their survival methods.  The trailer is breathtaking.

See for yourself.

The Pitfalls of Motion Capture

Special effects have come a long way in the past 30 years.  They’ve evolved from practical elements rotoscoped together to digital effects that stitched together with the power of computer editing.  The increasing power and speed of computers means that computers are able to create complex worlds that take up terabytes of data like James Cameron’s “Avatar” and allow for photorealistic digital characters like the apes in the upcoming “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

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Rock Rocks Broadway

It’s the play with the name you can’t fully say. Comedian extraordinaire Chris Rock has got a new gig on Broadway. He’s been on one hell of a promotional tour describing his decision to do theatre, his development as an actor, marriage, family life and a boat load of topics that’ll make you keel over in laughter. Here were some of his stops:

ABC News | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Variety | Live with Regis and Kelly | The Howard Stern Show |

Charlize Theron gets Juno-esque

Juno was cerebral, sardonic and even a little rude–in a non-threatening and endearing sort of way. Movie audiences were starved for her originality and frankness. Charlize Theron’s character in Young Adult will reportedly bear close resemblance to that independent spirit. While the film is still in the works, I can’t help but think about how a reiteration of Juno’s distinct persona might play out with Theron at the helm.

I’m not doubting Theron’s acting chops. If anything, my reservations are a testament to her performance. Which performance? Why the one that earned her the gold statue. Theron’s portrayal of Aileen Wuornos, the homosexual, brash and androgynous serial killer in Monster was one for the cinema-history books. This new role in Young Adult might not be too much of a stretch, as an anonymous source (who’s read the script) tells me Theron will play a much darker “Juno” that won’t be “as mouthy”. I can’t wait to see it. Theron is an older female in Hollywood. I’m excited she got this opportunity at all. I hope the script is meaty and interesting.

25th FILM FEST DC Films from Latin America and Spain


1.-Chance Abner Benaim – Panama, Mexico – 90 mins
The luck of the self-absorbed upper-class Gonzalez-Dubois family, is about to change. In this the raucous revenge comedy, Fernando’s a hard-charging politician promising to be “a man of the people” if elected, has secretly burned through the family fortune of shopaholic wife Gloria. Their twin teenage girls are pampered tramps, and their son, Daniel, is more or less being raised by long-suffering maids Paquita and Toña. When the family tries to leave for a Miami shopping spree despite being seven weeks behind on wages, the help revolts and takes everyone hostage. Class conflict is a hot button issue in Panama as elsewhere, and genuinely edgy social comedy is a tricky thing. (In Spanish and English with English subtitles).

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Filming Tips: How to be a one-man film crew

As screenPhiles, we should pay attention not only to how others make film, but how to make film ourselves.  To that end, I feel that I should share some valuable lessons learned while filming the Washington, DC International Film Festival two weeks ago.  While many of these lessons apply mostly to one-man-band style broadcast and multimedia journalism, the lessons can also be applied to independent filmmakers that are just starting out with a few of their closest friends.

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