‘Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil’ Trailer

Now this I want to see!  Two seeming innocent and clueless guys in a film revolving around misconceptions and stereotypes played for laughs.  If done well, this could be very, very FUN!


‘Red Tails’ Trailer

The trailer for Anthony Hemmingway’s “Red Tails is here, via Yahoo! Movies.  The film, which has been in development for quite awhile, is notable for being a story of the Tuskegee Airmen, as well as that it’s produced by George Lucas.

Yes, that George Lucas.

‘Attack The Block’ In Limited Release

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When I heard that Joe Cornish’s “Attack The Block” would be opening today, I assumed that it was nationwide.  It appears that this is not the case, though there was a sneak preview in Washington, DC a month or two ago.

Despite seemingly skirting the DC region, it has opened in New York, and some areas of California.

New ‘Thunderbirds’ Feature Film?

I was doing a bit of reading , where I learned from Gerry Anderson’s Wikipedia page–not exactly the first place I check for news, though they do well with things that aren’t in any way divisive–that he’s got back the rights to the “Thunderbirds.”

While I don’t know what the odds are that he can get a feature film off the ground, especially after Jonathan Frakes’ awful movie version, and Mr. Anderson moving out of Pinewood Studios, but I remain hopeful.

Speaking of Gerry Anderson,  heard that he is going to be a consultant on the upcoming “UFO,” so that’s cool.

‘The Ides Of March’ Trailer

Here’s a link to the trailer for director George Clooney‘s  “The Ides of March (courtesy of Vulture and Yahoo! Movies),” also starring George Clooney, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Gosling.

Why do I get the feeling–from looking at the cast–that someone is gunning for an Academy Award?

‘Attack The Block’ Trailer

I was planning to see “Cowboys & Aliens” tomorrow, till I learned that “Attack The Block” is coming out the same day.  I missed the sneak preview–through no fault of my own, unlike “X-Men: First Class”–so I think that I owe it to myself to catch it.

So, “Cowboys & Aliens” will have to wait.

‘Tower Heist’ Trailer

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Here’s a link to the trailer for “Tower Heist,’ the new film from Brett Ratner (the director of “X3: The Last Stand” who didn’t care enough about what he was doing to actually read the comic–we’re not talking about “War And Peace” here–that the film was based upon).

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy are capable of great things, though why do I get the feeling that Brett Ratner isn’t the man to bring such qualities out in them?

As if to confirm my fears, Eddie Murphy’s character is named ‘Slide.’

Slide!?  That’s not a name, it’s what things do on wet or slippery surfaces.

I am already not liking this movie.