Green Lantern 2?!

Edited 12/26 1227

You have got to be kidding me.

According to, Jeff Robinov, film group president of Warner Brothers, says that they’re planning for a Green Lantern 2; though why do I get the feeling that this is nothing more than hubris, as opposed to having any shot of actually being done?

In case anyone forgot, this film pulled in, so far, about $154 million, on a $200 million dollar budget.  Now keep in mind, it hasn’t even made back its production costs yet, never mind marketing, and it’s somehow getting a sequel?  I mean, I could understand it it at least made its production costs back–which would show that there was enough interest in the film that at sequel could be warranted–but now?

Even figuring in DVD sales, I don’t see it making its production costs back short of a miracle of some sorts.


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