No, Simon Baker Would NOT Make A Good Doctor Strange

According to Collider, some say that Simon Baker, of “The Mentalist” would make a good Doctor Strange.  While I am sure that he could handle the role–after all, he’s a decent actor–there’s no way that he is a good fit for the character.

Mainly because he looks nothing like him.

In the past, I have suggested Ioan Gruffudd, because he has experience working with Marvel (he played Mr. Fantastic in “The Fantastic Four” films and we have seen that Marvel is not above using actors from one of their films in another, witness Chris Evans) and most importantly, he actually looks like the good Doctor.


You Can’t Keep A Good Punisher Down

Frank Castle, when his family is gunned down by mobsters, declares an all-out war on crime as The Punisher.  As a comic character, his popularity at times has approached that of DC Comics’ Batman, though he never successfully made the leap to feature films.

First Dolph Lundgren tackled the character, and while physically his portrayal was an accurate one, it felt a bit off.

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‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ Trailer

At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be the type of film that I tend to be interested in.  On second glance, there appears to be elements of a mystery, disturbing behavior and a very sinister, Jim Jones-vibe from John Hawkes.

Still not quite my cup of tea, but if a friend were interested in seeing it I would probably complain a bit, despite secretly being somewhat curious as to what it’s all about (I tend to not read ahead about upcoming films in any sort of detail because I want to be surprised).

Strange(r) Things Have Happened

More evidence of a circumstantial nature that Marvel (buttressed by the fairly deep pockets of The Walt Disney Co.) is preparing a feature film based on Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts.  On May 19 I wrote that various sources believed that Tom Welling was being courted for the role by Marvel, despite being too young to play the sorcerer supreme.

While that’s a casting choice that I feel confident placing in the “rumor” column, though what isn’t is that various domain names associated with Marvel properties have recently been registered by Disney Music Group.

Some of those domain names are:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Now, if you aren’t going to make a movie based upon a character, they why bother registering the domain name; since it goes without saying that if you’re going to make a movie, it will be accompanied by a soundtrack.

‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s “The Adventures of Tintin.”

All the spectacle looks really interesting–especially the parts were the two ships are dueling.

That being said, and based only on the images that I have seen thus far, the characters still haven’t shaken that rubbery look CGI motion capture is infamous for.

I am just wondering why they didn’t just use real actors, minus the motion capture, because I haven’t seen too many photo-real CGI characters that don’t have that walking dead look in their eyes.

And speaking of “The Walking Dead,” (cool segue, Yes?), the first episode of the second season premiered, and it was pretty good–though I thought that some of the dead, when they were shot or killed by various weapons, looked a bit fake.

I understand that it is fake, but it makes me wonder are we seeing the effect of the budget cuts the series have undergone.

If this was the episode that Frank Darabont was fired over, I am confused because it was relatively strong.

UFO Movie News

The image on the left is the movie poster for the feature-film version of the Gerry Anderson-produced 1970’s science fiction series, UFO.  While I like the vagueness, I am not too sure that moviegoers that have never seen the original film will know what’s it’s about.

Though, when you think about it, they don’t have to because all they need to know is what the initials ‘UFO’ stand for.

‘The Thing’ Review

If John Carpenter’s version of “The Thing” had not existed, then Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr’s film would have been much better received because, while it isn’t bad, it is not nearly as effective as Carpenter’s film

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