The Full ‘Avengers’ Trailer Is Here!

The trailer for Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers” is here, and it kicks all kind of arse.  It looks remarkable, and just the thought of such iconic Marvel characters on screen at the same time is the stuff that fanboy dreams are made of.

Which is why it’s somewhat ironic that the poster sucks so much (which is not everyone’s opinion).  I get that there was probably some clause in their contract that said that they had to show everyone’s faces, but it could have been done a bit more artfully.

By the way, what is that huge thing chasing Iron Man at the end?  It almost looks like the aliens from “Battleship” did a stop-over.


When Good May Not Be Good Enough Or The Best ‘John Carter’ Trailer So Far

Nordling at Aint It Cool News says the latest trailer for “John Carter” is “…the best (official) one yet.”

And I agree with him.  It tells what the film is about, as well as the stakes, better than any of the trailers that came before.

That being said, the problem  is, when your film costs upwards of $200 million dollars, you don’t get too many chances to get it right because most people aren’t going to wait till they see something of interest in the trailer before deciding whether or not to see your film.

In other words, if this were a low-budget film–or something virtually guaranteed an audience, like “The Dark Knight Rises” or “The Avengers,” or you happen to be Ridley Scott, releasing a film that may be somehow connected to the ‘Alien’ films–then I can see pursuing a strategy of playing it close to the vest, coyly revealing the interesting bits at your own pace.

But John Carter isn’t either of those films, and it can’t afford (nor can Disney, to be honest) to eventually get it right.

And speaking of Scott and “Prometheus,” the first trailer was so good that I want to see it on the strength of that alone, despite that I think the original “Alien” (which I expect this film to be somehow connected to, despite comments to the contrary from various camps) was interesting, but a bit more clinical than it needed to be.

We’re Not Dying For ‘Louie’s’ Sins, It Just Feels That Way

Louie C.K. is a funny comedian.  He has this self-depreciating manner that sometimes makes his (more often than not) bawdy material entertaining.  That being said, his series, “Louie” is a bit of a downer.  I have been watching it on Neflix, and the first five or six episodes started promisingly, but a very moralistic tone has come over the remainder, most obviously in the episodes “Bully,” “Dentist/Tarese,” & “God.”

And I think that I understand what’s he’s trying to do:  He’s letting us know that there’s often some really painful stuff behind humor, and that it sometimes acts as a defense in a very tough world.

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What ‘John Carter’ Must Do To Succeed, Part Two

Here’s the second, and probably final, post about what ‘John Carter’ needs to succeed, and is unfortunately it’s not something that Disney can do anything about at this point.

If they want this film to be successful, they should have called it almost anything but “John Carter.”

Now, keep in mind, this movie is based upon a book from Edgar Rice Burroughs called “A Princess of Mars.”

That’s not the best title I have ever heard, and films with ‘Mars’ in the title haven’t been all that successful at the box office, if “Ghosts of Mars,” “Red Planet (which is, basically, Mars),” “Mission to Mars,” and “Mars Needs Moms,” are any indicator, but ‘John Carter?’

Really?  I know that Andrew Stanton explained why that title was chosen, but ‘John Carter?’  Does ‘John Carter’ really embody everything that this film is about?  Does it tell potential viewers what the film is about?

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What ‘John Carter’ Must Do To Succeed, Part One

The first thing that Disney’s “John Carter” has to do–attract enough viewers to justify its $200 million dollar price tag–is what it probably will have the most trouble doing, which is to appeal to the greatest amount of individuals as possible.

This problem came into rather sharp focus when I was watching “The Dark Crystal” last night, which started me thinking of “John Carter.” ” The Dark Crystal,” which essentially is the Muppets with subtext, nonetheless convincingly evokes the feel of a fantasy world beyond the experience of most viewers, which is something that “John Carter” will have to do, and make a huge profit while doing so.

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