New ‘Skyfall’ International Trailer

This was shown during the Olympics, and–if the trailer is any indicator–seems a bit more kinetic than the other Daniel Craig Bond films (Stuff blows up good! Real good!).

A plus for me is that there appears to be a black Bond girl.  Other than Halle Berry I recall two others:  Thumper (Trina Parks, while not exactly a Bond girl, was black) from “Diamonds Are Forever” (which was the first, and only, Bond film that I am aware of that had homosexual characters in supporting roles;  Charles Gray doesn’t count because he’s just being British), Rosie (Gloria Hendry) from “Live And Let Die,” and Halle Berry, in “Die Another Day,” quite possibly the worst James Bond film ever, with honors split between an awful theme song by Madonna and a story that was way too sci-fi for a Bond adventure.

To make matters worse, it was directed by Lee Tamahori, who has shown that he’s capable of much, much better (“Once Were Warriors,” and more recently “The Devil’s Double”).


Just When I Thought Stretch Armstrong Was The Dumbest Idea I Heard In Awhile…

When I was a kid, I loved to watch “He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe.”

I marveled at his adventures.  The way, time and again, He-Man used his wits (and sometimes the assistance of Cringer, who turned to the mighty Battle Cat–seemingly against his will) to beat back the forces of Skeletor in such a way that the only things hurt were the execution of Skeletor’s evil plans.

This is despite the fact that I found it silly, because I saw that what MoU (much better than HMATMOTU) was essentially “The A-Team,” in that no matter how much He-Man swung that sword around, whomever was on the business end never suffered a nick, never mind a slash.

And considering that the show was aimed at children, I understood (not so much for the A-Team though.  I actually wanted someone to take a bullet every once in a while, if only to reassure me that the universe that they lived in was at least adjacent to my own).

I didn’t even bat an eye that someone would actually want to call themselves ‘He-Man’ because, to my young mind, it all made sense.

Now, I couldn’t take such a character seriously, and I suspect that I am not the only one.

So, how is it that I can watch G.I. Joe (the movie, cartoon, and occasionally comic), you may ask?  Don’t they have characters called ‘Snake-Eyes,’ and ‘Duke?’  Sure, but they’re just names.  He doesn’t, literally, have snake eyes (though if he were on MoU there would be more that’s serpentine about the character than his name).

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And You Thought Being Batman Was Expensive…

image courtesy of Hot Toys

As expensive as Batman’s kit is–and it’s very expensiveit doesn’t hold a candle to what it would cost to outfit yourself as Marvel’s Iron Man.  For instance, just the Arc reactor alone would cost, according to those enterprising folk at, a cool $36 million.

And while that’s probably reasonable when you consider that it’s an inexhaustible energy source, your costs only begin there.

• Back and shoulder mounted ailerons: $2 million

• Wrist mounted anti-tank missle launchers (x2) – $3 million

• Shoulder mounted anti-personnel guns – $400,00 (a bargain)

Luckily Tony Stark, worth $9.4 billion according to Forbes, has more than enough resources to make such an investment.  Bruce Wayne, by way of comparison, is worth $7 billion, though I suspect that is before events conclude in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Every Wonder How Much It Would Cost To Be Batman?

image courtesy of

When you were young, at some time you probably imagined yourself to be a superhero.  Maybe one day you’d be Spider-Man, Captain America or maybe the next Superman.

Or Wonder Woman, or Storm.

Though perhaps Batman was one of your favorites. When you were young, all you needed was maybe a towel to serve as a cape; and if you were feeling especially creative, perhaps an addition of a leftover Halloween mask to make things complete.

Though unfortunately, we all have to grow up sometimes, and the price of our playthings tend to increase as well.

For instance, if you were to purchase a real Batsuit–composed of Kevlar and Nomex instead of rubber– estimates that it would cost a bit over a million dollars.

And that’s not including his vehicles because it’s estimated that the Tumbler would set you back $18 million; the Batpod, $1, 50o,000 and the Bat, a cool $6o million dollars.

And that’s not even including therapy for all the stress you’d be under trying to keep your identity secret.

Which is probably why the best place to see superheroes are either in comic books, or the movies.

‘Stretch Armstrong: The Movie,’ A Really Dumb Idea?

I recently read that Breck Eisner is going to make a movie based on Stretch Armstrong, a stretchable (i.e., the name), pliable, and extremely bendable toy from Hasbro (the same company that created the Transformers and G.I. Joe).

I remember playing with one when I was a kid.  I also remember being very interested in what gel-like substance was hidden under that plastic skin (corn syrup), though I don’t recall every cutting one open.

That ‘Stretch Armstrong: The Movie’ is a blatantly stupid idea goes without saying, as the trailer for the toy illustrates.

I mean, it’s not even an obvious money-grab because I am pretty sure that if you were to ask ten random people who Stretch Armstrong was you’d probably get a few porn-related references, but nothing about the Hasbro action figure.

This is a character tailor-made for either a Saturday morning cartoon (which I am not even sure that are made anymore) or a comedy, like “The Mask.”

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A ‘Beautiful’ Conundrum

A few days ago I posted that The Fixx had released their first studio album, “Beautiful Friction,” in almost a decade, and it definitely worth the wait.  It’s different than anything they produced before, and is interesting and thought-provoking in the way that The Fixx has always been.

I purchased my copy from eMusic, and it included 11 tracks;  I checked out Kirtland Records, The Fixx’s label, and the copy available there too had 11 tracks.

So imagine my surprise to learn that the album offered on iTunes has not 11, but 12. There’s an extra track called “Wasted,” and if you happen to be a completist (I intend to purchase the CD so that I can get the liner notes) like I am you might want to check it out.

I don’t know if it’s available anywhere other than iTunes or the CD, though you can get the track for $.99 via iTunes without buying the album again.

Another Cast Member Exiting ‘The Walking Dead?’

After Shane (Jon Bernthal) left AMC’s zombie serial “The Walking Dead,” I assumed that the desire for other members of the cast to leave was over.

It appears that I may have been wrong, because Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori) may be the next to depart.  She doesn’t actually say that she is, but it’s relatively apparent that she doesn’t like what happened to Frank Darabont, and that she feels that her character has run its course.

Some may consider Lori a bit irritating–she’d definitely had her moments–but I think that overall her character was strong, supportive, and a welcome member of the cast.

Besides, if her character dies, it would add an element of randomness to the series that has been, for the most part, missing.  I mean, as much as I want to deny it, part of me knew that they were going to kill off Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), my favorite character, at some point.

Which reminds me:  Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Callies may turn up on “L.A. Noir” (if it goes to series) sometime in the near future?