Rebooting ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Hollywood is now talking about rebooting George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead,” which doesn’t necessarily need it, if you give it any thought.  That being said, I am not against it (as I tend to be) because the original is a good film, but also a product of its time, which was 1968.

So perhaps we’ll see a more topical ‘Dead’ film.  Another reason is that, unlike with John Carpenter, George Romero sometimes has a hand in the reboots of his films (if only a writing credit).

For instance, Romero received a credit for the original screenplay of “Dawn of the Dead,” along with James Gunn (director of the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy”).

I don’t recall much of the details of that film, though I don’t think I hated it, so there’s that.

Another of his films, “The Crazies” was rebooted by Breck Eisner (George Romero provided the original screenplay, and received an executive producer credit) and I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite that the director was named “Breck.”

What’s interesting is that it’s already been rebooted by Tom Savini in 1990.

This new version will be by Mark Tonderai, who last directed “House At The End Of The Street,” which I haven’t seen, though now I plan to.

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