Spoilers Should Be Stopped (The Dawn Of S.E.T.R.E.P)

The Wrap Article

Welcome to the first meeting of S.E.T.R.E.P. (the Society Existing To Prevent Revelation of Essential Plot-Points) because life is hard enough without someone knowingly revealing information that a show took months to build up to, or the twist of a movie, or an important character dying in either medium.

The need for such an organization became clear when I innocently went into reading a story by Phil Pirrello, “Marvel’s ‘SHIELD’ and ‘Captain America’ Crossover:  Two Big Villain Shockers” from The Wrap on April 8th, at 6:38.

It’s important to note that April 8th is a Tuesday.

What’s so important about Tuesday, at 6:38 PM, you may ask?

Unless it’s preempted “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” airs on that day on the East Coast, at 8 in the evening, which means that the Pirrello post went live an hour and a half BEFORE the episode aired.

Is this what we have come to?  Revealing crucial plot points before a show even airs?  It sucks enough when it’s done soon afterward, but now writers are playing a game of ‘Beat The Clock’ to see which television series or movie they can ruin for viewers first?

Let’s not forget that Quentin Tarrantino is attempting to sue Gawker over aiding in the dissemination of his latest script, The Hateful Eight, which hasn’t even shot one inch of film, so perhaps this is an indicator that our time has come.

If you don’t care about “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” or Tarrantino movies, you might think you’re safe, but you’d be wrong.

Can you imagine the uproar there would have been if someone revealed Walter White’s fate before the ending of “Breaking Bad?”  There may have been riots in the street and talk of taking out the person who did so French Revolution-style.

And while I am not advocating going quite that far (yet), I wouldn’t be too adverse to a prison term directly proportional to the popularity of the series.  Which would mean that Pirrello would only be imprisoned for a few months, at best.

But sometimes, it’s the gesture that counts.



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