Respect The Content

Recently I noticed that a web site, Tinseltown News, had taken at least two of my blog posts, Are Universal And Legendary Making A Movie Based On Marvel’s Namor The Submariner and Blood Glacier Trailer.

Now, I don’t mind that someone links to my posts, after all, that’s one reason that I write them.

But the web site pulls entire posts that means that there’s no reason whatsoever to drop by, because it’s all right there.

And the thing is, if the administrator had asked I would have probably said ‘No,’ but at least there would have been the implication that they respected the content of others enough that they asked.

And WordPress, much to my dismay, can’t do anything about it (though they can help by offering steps you can take in case you find someone doing it).  That’s why my blogs have copywrite notices now.

I regularly link to Youtube pages and use pictures relevant to what I am doing from all over the place, so how am I any different?

Well, in some pretty significant ways.  First, I may refer to someone else’s writing, or link to it, but I don’t take their writing in its entirety because I try to offer something that at least aims toward originality.  I may not always hit the mark, but that’s the goal.

And in reference to pictures, I generally acknowledge where I got them from, and if I were every asked to remove one I would because I had no intention of using something that someone has a problem with.


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