Talking About White Privilege

White privilege isn’t the sort of thing that this blog tends to revolve around, but then again, since there are apparently quite a few actors that bring it up as of late–often in the worse way possible–i though that I’d do a blog post revolving around it.

It’s tough to talk about things like while privilege.  After all, it’s not like all white people have it easy.  When you hear about things like unemployment, it’s not only people of color that are feeling the pain.  That being said, people of color tend to have to deal with such issues as a disproportionately higher rate.

This is why when when you have Matt Damon, contrary to the image he projects, coming off as racist, it’s particularly galling.

That’s not to say that such slips of the tongue–which is a charitable way to look at it–are by any means unique to Damon or white people.

After all, it was Anthony Mackie, an African-American actor who’s played the Falcon in numerous Marvel Studios movies, who compared an African-American directing Marvel Studios’ upcoming movie based on the Black Panther to a horse directing a movie based on Mr. Ed.

So there’s clearly enough stupid to go around.

That being said, what you don’t often see are ways to make such historically difficult issues at least a little easier to discuss.

Which is why I posted this video from the ACLU (the American Civil Liberties Union) about white privilege, which talks about such things in an easy to digest fashion.

Because what’s assured is that things will never get better for anyone if we don’t talking about them, no matter how uncomfortable they may make us.

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