Dirty Grandpa – Red Band Trailer

I haven’t seen Dan Mazer’s Dirty Grandpa–though looking at the trailer I get the feeling that I have.  Uptight man goes with his grandfather on a trip–the grandpa, who doesn’t know his son very well, and is probably dying–bonds with him.

Which brings the question:  What is Robert De Niro doing?  At this point it can’t be about the money, and while I admire actors like him and Samuel Jackson–who, if he’s not in every other movie, he’s in none at all–De Niro has the distinction of seeming to appear in virtually any movie that’ll have him.

This guy was in Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, The Godfather, Raging Bull, among many other really remarkable movies.

Which isn’t to imply that Dirty Grandpa will be a bad movie–remember, I haven’t see it–but it also looks like something he doesn’t need to do.

*To be fair, this is the first time I have seen the Red Band trailer, and that Werther’s Original joke was pretty good.


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