Hellboy (2019) – Trailer Into Reaction

Lionsgate, only a few few hours ago as of this writing, released the trailer for their upcoming Hellboy reboot.

Which I really expected to dislike but in actuality I found it pretty intriguing.

For a start, it appears to preserve the visual continuity Of Guillermo Del Toro’s two entries, which makes sense considering the visual esthetic was strongly based on the art of Mike Mignola–and it also seems to have a similar sense of humor.

Which makes you wonder, assuming the tone of the trailer carries through to the movie, why Del Toro wasn’t allied to do his third movie.

And the answer is that in all likelihood it comes down to money (I read somewhere that Del Toro wanted a bigger budget for the third movie in the series, while the studio disagreed. Or it may have been the scope of the story or a combination of that and a few other variables)

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