REview: The Night Eats The World (2018) | A Zombie Movie You Might Have Seen Before (Even If You Haven’t)

Looking at Dominique Rocher’s The Night Eats The World in a somewhat cursory fashion, you might assume that it’s a copy of Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later.

Sure, it takes place in Paris, while 28 Days Later calls the UK home. The latter revolves around a man named Jim (Cillian Murphy), who wakes up in the hospital to a world unlike the one he admitted in.

While The Night Eats The World revolves around a guy named Sam (Anders Danielson Lie) who wakes up one day to a world drastically changed from the one he knew prior to falling to sleep after a party.

(And yeah, I noticed that “Jim” and “Sam” are pretty much alike as well)

There’s no avoiding the fact that the two movies are similar and if it weren’t for the fact that one revolves around zombies and the other an infection that turns people into raging – though very much alive – monsters (a subgenre of the zombie movie) I would say that the The Night Eats The World is very much a well-rendered copy.

But a copy nonetheless.

That is, till you look a little bit closer. The story of 28 Days Later is more expansive, and relatively quickly grows to concern itself with more than the United Kingdon, while The Night Eats The World not only doesn’t leave Paris, it doesn’t even leave an apartment building in Paris, making it appear more intimate.

In fact 95% revolves around Sam, supposedly the only living human being, which makes it more similar to I Am Legend (2007) as Sam – after doing the best he can to secure first his apartment, then the building – works to keep himself not only alive, but relatively sane.

The movie isn’t slow, though the pace is a languid one as we stand silent witness to the testimony of potentially be the last man on Earth.

What’s most important about The Night Eats The World is, despite the similarities between other movies, manages to find it’s own voice.

The Night Eats The World is currently streaming on Amazon.

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