Kevin Tancharoen’s ‘Mortal Combat’ Reboot Is A Go!

Kevin Tancharoen, the director of 2009’s “Fame” reboot–perhaps one of the most unnecessary remakes that I can recall–was so impressed with “Mortal Combat” that he directed a series of short films, four of which I have included below, that reinvented the series in a more realistic, gritty fashion than Paul W.S. Anderson’ s original film.

New Line, the studio that directed the original, liked Tancharoen’s approach well enough that they went to him to direct the relaunch of the property.

In case anyone has forgot the original film, here’s the trailer.

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Chris Carter Is Back!

Chris Carter, whose absence from movies and television could almost be the subject of an X-File itself, is back, according to Deadline.  He was the driving force behind television series like “The X-Files,” “Harsh Realm,” Millennium,” and “The Lone Gunmen,” as well as the films, “The X-Files: Fight The Future” and its sequel, “X-Files: I Want To Believe.”

While I am interested in seeing what Carter has to offer now, since the second ‘X-Files’ film had one of the silliest plots that I had seen in a while (which is saying something, considering the type of movies I been known to watch).

Season Two ‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming second season of the Frank Darabont-less “The Walking Dead.”  While I can’t get around, over, or under that it seems that he was treated very shabbily by AMC, there’s some comfort in, according to Aint It Cool News, that the first episode of the new season is the believed by them to be the best yet.

That’s great news, because I really want to continue watching the show, and if there was a visible decline in quality that could (in my mind) be traced to either Darabont’s firing or the reduced per-episode budget, then the dead wouldn’t be the only ones that would be walking.

‘The Three Musketeers’ Trailer

Looking at this trailer, despite never having read the book by Alexandre Dumas, I get the feeling that this movie isn’t going to be the least bit faithful–except in a very surface manner–with the novel that it’s supposedly based upon.

This makes me wonder why it’s even be called ‘The Three Musketeers,’ as opposed to something like: “Three Or Four Good Guys With Swords Who Fight Against Incredible Odds Yet Somehow Manage To Get Out Without A Scratch” or perhaps “Using The Name Of A Classic Novel So That I Can Put My Hot Wife In A Movie Based So Loosely On The Aforementioned Novel That I Could Call It Just About Anything And No One Would Really Notice The Difference”

Neither title leaps off the page, but at least they’re honest.

By the way, what’s with the aerial shots, and why do I get the feeling that this movie is going to be a bit steampunk?

Real-Life ‘Batman’ In Flight

Here’s footage of Jeb Corliss, a BASE (buildings, antennas, spans & earth) jumper, wearing a wingsuit and “flying” though a hole in a mountain in China.  I emphasize the word flying because the suit he’s wearing, while generating lift as a result of a relatively large surface and air pressure (similar in principal to the mechanics of a flying squirrel, as opposed to a bird) is not preventing him from falling.

It’s actually similiar to gliding, or falling with style–as Buzz Lightyear would say–which is why he also wears a parachute.

Thanks to CNET’s Crave for the heads up.

Kevin Costner Leaves Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

According to Deadline, Kevin Costner has removed himself from consideration for a role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” supposedly because of his very busy schedule.

That being said, Tarantino, whom I am not a big fan of, seems to understand what it is that the moving-going public wants to see.  After all, his Inglourious Basterds pulled in just over $300 million worldwide, on a budget of $70 million dollars.

I could be talking out of my ass here (disturbing imagery, that), but it seems to me that if Quentin Tarantino wants to put you in a movie, you rearrange your schedule and make it happen.  Sure, the production would have dominated his life for two months or so, but it’s not like he couldn’t use playing what seems to be an important role in a film, that if it follows the trajectory of most of Tarantino’s others, will be a hit.

Catwoman Shots From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Superherohype has images of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman from the upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises,” and I am hoping that the pictures taken are really bad ones because they appear to look really, really mediocre.  I could have posted about this earlier, but I was just so underwhelmed.