Trailer Into REaction: Superman: Solar (2023) | Fan Film

I’m not typically into fan-made products because while the love for a particular franchise may come through, the production value doesn’t tend to do the same. And while Superman: Solar isn’t particularly cinematic and the lighting, is at best, uneven, you can tell director/writer Andrew List cares about the character. And that’s a quality missing […]

Trailer Into REaction: 65 (2023) | Official Trailer

The trailer for 65 dropped earlier this week and it looked – at least initially – pretty impressive as Adam Driver plays a pilot who’s spaceship, which happens to be transporting 35 people for reasons that aren’t revealed, is disabled by an asteroid, and falls to Earth. Surviving the crash, he has to not manage […]

Trailer Into REaction: #FLOAT (2022) | Official Trailer 1

Found footage movies are hard to do well. Having seen the success of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity – both of which were made on shoestring budgets and making profits significantly larger than their production cost – I get the feeling that filmmakers take it for granted that they’re something anyone can do. […]

Trailer into REaction: M3gan (2023) | Official Trailer

What is it about filmmakers that makes them continue to make movies that are supposedly about actual human beings, where they adopt hideous dolls or, in the case of M3gan, create equally hideous automatons that it goes without saying are going to try to kill them at some point? Do you remember 2014’s Annabelle? In […]