Underworld: Blood Wars – Trailer into Reaction

When I first heard of Underworld I imagined it would be incredible. Vampires and werewolves engaged in a conflict that’s spanned ages!  A war that raged for the most part outside of human knowledge?

Yes, please!

Eventually I saw the movie and realized that vampires and werewolves go great together–that is till you shoehorn in elements of The Matrix, gun fetishism and skin-tight faux-leather costumes.

Both vampires and werewolves as traditionally depicted are supremely powerful beings.  In fact, outside their various weaknesses–the sun and various religious iconography for the former and silver, typically in the form of a bullet or a bladed weapon for the latter–they’re like minor deities with an appetite for destruction.

(The vampire may have more weaknesses, but unlike the werewolf don’t wage a regular war with their animalistic natures, so in their own way even they’re more dangerous.)

Then there are the creatures in the Underworld movies.  They don’t sparkle like those sacrilegious Twilight vampires, though in a way they’re worse because no horror fans take Stephenie Meyer‘s work seriously, while the creatures of Underworld make a pretense of following tradition, just before abandoning them in bullet-time.

Though now that I think about it, it’s even less about their over-reliance on handguns than the entire approach to the characters, which are way, way too indebted to the Wachowskis for inspiration.



Split – Trailer into Reaction

Split posterM. Night Shyamalan continues to have a very interesting career.

For awhile, he was by some considered the heir apparent” to Steven Spielberg, which is very rarified air.

And I can’t imagine that not going to his head a little bit, which probably has at least a little to do with Lady in the Water.

That being said, I thought you could see a decline in his powers with movies like Signs and The Village, despite both of those movies being very profitable and well-received–for he most part–by critics.

Though it was with the followups, Lady in the Water, The Happening, The Last Airbender and After Earth that his creative bankruptcy became apparent.

It’s also no coincidence all four underwhelmed at the box office as well.

Though Shyamalan continued to work, producing movies like Devil and working in television.

He came back to the cineplex in 2015 with The Visit.

And while not as good as his strongest works, such as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, it was a return to form. It was released by Blumhouse Pictures, a studio built on low-budget horror and thrillers.

His follow-up, Split, also comes via Blumhouse and stars James McAvoy as a man suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Arrival – Trailer into Reaction

Screenshot 2016-08-19 19.26.35.png

Here’s my reaction trailer to Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival. It looks pretty interesting, and I like the seemingly more cerebral approach to the material.

In other words, it reminds me of Independence Day, but a little more thoughtful and nuanced.

And I’ll try harder not to call it The Arrival, which was a Charlie Sheen movie from 1986 though–as you can tell from my video–I wasn’t terribly successful.

Marvel’s Luke Cage – Trailer Into Reaction

Screenshot 2016-08-09 21.04.15.png

Here’s my reaction trailer to Marvel’s Luke Cage.  The trailer looks pretty awesome (but it isn’t always the case?) and if Daredevil and Jessica Jones are any indication, this will be pretty impressive as well.

The unremarked upon trailer is below.

Doctor Strange – Trailer (2) Into Reaction

Screenshot 2016-07-24 00.45.09.png

Why does the latest poster for Marvel’s Doctor Strange remind me of the poster for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo?  Looking at the two posters, I think it has more to do with some of the color scheme–lot’s of golden yellows and blues–more than anything else.

Screenshot 2016-07-24 12.51.24.png

It’s also been confirmed by Scott Derrickson that Doctor Strange will open up what he calls a Marvel Cinematic Multiverse.

Trailer into Reaction: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition

I honestly don’t understand the point of an “Ultimate Edition” of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice because I don’t know what’s it’s supposed to do.

Make a confusing narrative a bit less so?

Offer some sort of information why it is characters that in some instances have existed for 80 years have suddenly been reinterpreted in such a controversial manner?

I have no idea, but as far as I can tell, the only way to make this movie make any sense at all would require–at least a 3 to 4 hour cut.

Star Trek: Beyond – Trailer (2) Into Reaction

As I mention in my latest video (below the text), the most recent trailer for Star Trek: Beyond (I don’t care that there’s no colon, I’m putting one in anyway) looks pretty interesting.

There’s a lot going on–maybe even a bit too much because from a narrative standpoint I have no idea why things are happening beyond the obvious.  In some instances that’s not a bad thing.

In this case?  No so much.

Though at least Orci and Kurtzman aren’t writing because the moment when ‘Bones’ McCoy (Karl Urban) decided to give a Tribble a transfusion of Khan’s blood–never mind the whole Khan reveal in the first place–I accepted that with Star Trek: Into Darkness the franchise had official jumped the shark (though their penchant for ‘magic blood’ as a plot device was the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse as far as movie Armageddon goes).