Trailer Into REaction: #FLOAT (2022) | Official Trailer 1

Found footage movies are hard to do well.

Having seen the success of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity – both of which were made on shoestring budgets and making profits significantly larger than their production cost – I get the feeling that filmmakers take it for granted that they’re something anyone can do.

Which definitely isn’t the case or they’re more (virtually) micro-budgeted successes.

Which brings us to #float, which appears to be a found footage-adjacent movie revolving around a vlogger (or video blogger) and her crew going on a trip to commemorate the loss of their friend, when weirdness of a supernatural nature happens.

It looks typical of the breed, which is to say having little in the way of a budget though it doesn’t appear particularly interesting enough to generate buzz, if the trailer is any indicator.


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