I Hate to Say I Told You So…

Remember when I wrote Can We Just Admit That Black Adam is a (Soft) Failure?

Apparently I’m not the only person to think so because The Wrap has recently reached the same conclusion (you’d have to join WrapPRO to read the full article but the two paragraphs you can read gratis are enough) albeit 11 days late.

Though ironically Black Adam underperforming is not a bad thing in the broader sense because it shows that for DC Studios to succeed they can’t put all their eggs in one basket, even if that basket is as big and muscle-bound as Dwayne Johnson.

What they have to do is the slow and arduous work of laying the groundwork to build out the universe in a similar fashion to what Marvel Studios has done though this task is made more difficult by the fact that each underwhelming entry undermines confidence in DC in live action just a little bit more.

And speaking of confidence, Ezra Miller’s litany of problems certainly isn’t helping.

And while this doesn’t by any means means that this is the last we’ll see of Black Adam, what it very possibly means is that he won’t appear in any solo adventures for a time.

And that’s okay because he’s not a character the greater DC Universe can be built upon.

That’s Superman’s job.


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