Can We Just Admit That ‘Black Adam’ is a (Soft) Failure?

It’s believed that Warner Bros/New Line Pictures’ Black Adam will cross the $300 million mark this weekend, which initially sounds like really good news.

That is, till you take into account that the Dwayne Johnson-starrer is running out of steam, and so far hasn’t earned enough to break even (considering its production budget is somewhere in the ballpark of $195 million and has had the run of the box office for the entire month of October with little in the way of actual competition) never mind muscle its way into the black, so to speak.

Which is a problem because November 11th a new predator with a hunger for the box office arrives on the scene with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

It’s expected to debut somewhere around $175 million, which is a problem for Black Adam because that money has to come from somewhere.

And let’s not forget Avatar: The Way of Water in December because as much as I don’t particularly care about that movie, I’m willing to be that I’m in the minority as far as that point of view is concerned!

So, since we’re working on honesty, the best Black Adam can hope for is breaking even, and while that’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s not what I’d can an auspicious beginning to James Gunn being a co-head of the DCU (that Black Adam and his own Suicide Squad were okayed under a prior regime makes little difference at the end of the day).

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