In case you’re wondering, David Zaslav is still looking for someone to act as the ‘Kevin Feige’ for DC Films and apparently it isn’t going to be Walter Hamada (and based on his tenure thus far that’ should be fairly obvious’s probably a wise decision). My question is why aren’t they looking for someone who’s […]

REview: Exeter (2015) | Black Comedy Done Well

I really enjoyed Marcus Nispel’s Exeter as a black comedy though the thing is I’m not entirely sure that that’s exactly the way it was intended. The movie revolves around a bunch of young people – relatively speaking – who decide to party in a institution for troubled young people, who seemingly end up waking […]

Greg Berlanti: Heir To The Throne?

According to Comicbook.com Greg Berlanti is being considered for a Kevin Feige-esque role by David Zaslav, the new head of Warner Bros Discovery, and I’m kind of torn. I mean, sure Berlanti shepherded the numerous Arrowverse series on the CW Network, but let’s be honest, the ratings threshold for those shows was significantly lower there […]

Batgirl Put On The Shelf!?

In 2021 Warner Bros, then run by Jason Kilar, was purchased by Discovery Communications though prior to the deal being finalized a Batgirl film was in development, and recently completed. Originally the plan was that it was going to premiere on HBOMax, though executives were seemingly so impressed with what they were seeing that it […]