Review – The OA: Part II

I wasn’t optimistic that the second season of The OA could give me everything that I liked about the first season without just repeating it; which I would have likely enjoyed but eventually grow to dislike. Instead Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling doubled down on the weirdness, while expanding the story in new and interesting […]

Review – Us

I enjoyed Get Out, the introduction of Jordan Peele as a director. While it was a confident debut, it was also somewhat derivative. Us is another matter entirely. It possesses the same confidence of Peele’s debut, but moves with an elan bordering on bravado because let’s be clear, Us is more complex and that it […]

Review – Love, Death + Robots | Episode 18 : The Secret War

I’ve read that Netflix alters the episode order of Love, Death + Robots based upon the viewing habits of the particular subscriber. Annnnd…who cares? All Netflix likely knows about me is what I actually watch so if they’re tailoring the order of episodes due to what they perceive as my preferences, who cares (especially when […]