We’ve finally–via Entertainment Weekly–got an officially-sanctioned image of Zachary Levi in his Shazam costume. And while the costume itself looks fine–as much of the Internet noticed from not-so-officially sanctioned set photos–Levi doesn’t look so good in it. The greatest problems is the (fake) muscularity of his chest and biceps and questions or proportionality. What we’ve […]

Moana – Teaser Trailer

Disney’s Moana is going to be huge.  And that’s saying something when you consider that  both Frozen and Zootopia are both members of the Billion Dollar Club. Though Moana is powered by Dwayne Johnson, one of the most bankable action stars today. Besides, the trailer looks like a of of fun (and it can’t hurt that it features songs […]

San Andreas – International Trailer 1

Disaster movies are kind of fascinating, if only because I get the feeling that many of us think that they somehow couldn’t happen to us (and sure, if you’re talking about movies like Independence Day or Man of Steel-mediocre superhero film, great disaster movie–then you’re probably right). I don’t think that this tendency is exclusively an […]

‘Hercules’ Trailer 1

Remember the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare?  In the story a tortoise races a hare, which under normal conditions can easily expected to beat such a slow-moving animal. Though because the hare rests on its laurels, the tortoise is given an opportunity to not only catch up to it, but eventually win the race. It won because […]

‘Hercules: The Legend Begins’ Trailer

I am not sure that I crazy about the Hercules being blond (I am partial to the Marvel version of the character) but other than that, I like what I see. This is the first of two Hercules movies in development.  It stars Kellan Lutz and is directed by Renny Harlin (The Long Kiss Goodnight, […]

‘G.I. Joe: Retribution’ Review

“”G.I. Joe: Retribution” isn’t a good film, though there’s enough things blowing up on screen to keep everyone entertained (which is kinda sad when you think about it).” To enjoy genre films, be they scifi, horror, fantasy, or anything for that matter, it’s necessary for the viewer to accept that the world that the story […]