The Danger of the Clean Slate

According to, James Gunn and Peter Safran’s goal is to wipe the slate clean as far as prior interpretations of DC characters in the live action space goes.

And I believe that’s a likely, and more importantly, necessary step to take (and have argued it should have been taken place long before now) but contains certain risks.

For instance, if Batman, Aquaman, Superman and the other characters from Zach Snyder’s run are going to be rebooted, then why would anyone pay to see the upcoming Flash (seeing that it appears that he’s going to be rebooted just like every other character)?

Let’s be clear that there will be people who’ll see it because it’s in theaters and don’t follow this sort of stuff at all close

Then there’s morbid curiosity, knowing that the Flash (as he currently is) is a dead end but wondering how his journey will wrap up.

Though as a pretty significant counterbalance there’s Ezra Miller’s weird and erratic behavior, which I’m willing to wager has turned a lot of people off the actor in general, no matter what he appears in.

Though there will certainly be people out there who’ll see Flash because it’s the end of an era though are they enough to make the movie a success?

That’s the question, especially when you take into account that the movie is supposedly going to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $200 million, when I have a sneaking suspicion that it will have Black Adam-levels of box office performance, which is to say – no matter what Dwayne Johnson claims – have been very underwhelming.


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