Trailer Into REaction: Godzilla vs Kong (2021) | Official Trailer

I haven’t particularly keen for any of the American Godzilla movies. Each one thus far has felt like a course correction, as if the producers were trying to right a giant ship (the 1998 movie, which I’m not including, was akin to the Titanic, so there’s that) instead of producing the type of movie the public wanted in the first place.

In the 2014 movie some brilliant person thought that the best approach to Godzilla would be to virtually not show the monster at all – though to be fair it was directed by Gareth Edwards, who’s Monsters (2010) barely had any in it.

The followup, 2014’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, was better in that Godzilla was actually in the movie though it lacked the heart of the Japanese movies (and to be fair, some of those movies were damn silly, but that was later on and likely came about to add variety, interest and character.

And speaking from character, it appears that Godzilla might be brining a little to the table.

And sure, it would likely be (much) better if it were a dude in a rubber suit but at least it’s better(?) than the other two movies.

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