Walter Hamada Leaves as Head of DC Films!

Walter Hamada

Remember when I wrote that Walter Hamada wasn’t long for the head of DC Films last September?

I was right because while I didn’t name the circumstances under which he would leave the post, leave it he did and from the outside looking in it’s fairly obviously why: He had no idea what he was doing.

For instance, he confirmed that he was intent on creating a multiverse for the DCEU (DC Cinematic Universe), which is a problem when he hadn’t particularly well established a current continuity, making his talk of a multiverse a case of ‘faking it till you make it.’

But, you might be saying ‘Marvel Studios is creating a multiverse!’ And you’d be right, but unlike the DCEU Kevin Feige with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has firmly established a continuity that a multiverse could be built upon.

The DCEU? Not so much. Under Hamada’s leadership they were seemingly working to pretend that Zach Snyder didn’t exist (who was ill-suited for the responsibility of running DC Films, for entirely different reasons than Hamada, in the first place).

As if it needs repeating, he couldn’t seem to get a sequel to Zach Snyder’s divisive Man of Steel, which is a problem when he’s literally the lynchpin that that house that is DC Comics is built upon (that Dwayne Johnson allegedly went over Hamada’s head to get Henry Cavil to appear as Superman in the stinger for Black Adam is proof he had become irrelevant).

And if you can’t get Superman right then you ought not to be running DC Films.


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