The Panther Strikes!

I said that Black Adam would have a problem when Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiered though people say a lot of things, it doesn’t make them true.

Though the proof is in the pudding.

Wakanda Forever has been out for two days – it premiered November 11 – and has pulled in $330 million.

Now keep in mind, it has a production budget of $250 million, so while it hasn’t yet broke even it’s well on the way to doing so in the next day or three.

And that’s despite the typical falloff that superhero movies tend to have in their second week, which tends to be at least 50%.

While Black Adam has been out about a month and earned $352 million, strongly implying it’ll be lucky to reach $400 million, never mind $500 (which makes Forbes’ belief that it will pull in $500 million really interesting. And to be fair they do say plus or minus though the likelihood of that happening is very much minus) million.

And let’s be clear, when people like James Gunn says that there’s room for everyone to succeed he’s absolutely right though you do so by wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch – which he appears to be doing – though Black Adam was always a bit of a reach and Dwayne Johnson’s star power isn’t enough to change that.


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