REview: Curon, Season One (2020) | Great Ideas, No Follow up

Netflix’s Curon-a sorta-Young Adult series?-has all the elements it needs to be wildly entertaining: a hotel where a heinous act was committed, wolves (that actually look like wolves, as opposed to Huskies), a creepy pair of fraternal twins, a sunken town, doppelgängers and creepy townies. So, why does it just not gel? I mentioned that […]

REview: Underwater (2020) | An Alien Clone This Is Not

If you’ve seen monster movies like Underwater you probably noticed that they’re not exactly known for their complexity. And that’s fine–not every movie needs complexity–though it’s also nice to see filmmakers try to do something atypical with the concept every once in awhile. Which leads me to Willian Eubank’s Underwater, which on the face of […]