Trailer Into REaction: The Matrix Revolutions (2021) | Official Trailer 2

I enjoyed the second trailer for Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix Revolutions, though despite my curiosity, I have no intention of seeing it in theaters. That’s because I abhor Warner Bros’ dual release strategy – releasing movies in theaters at the same time they premiere on HBOMax, the streaming platform owned by Warner Media (the parent […]

Trailer Into REaction: Cube (2021) | Official Trailer

I’m likely speaking to the converted at this point but I typically can’t stand remakes, particularly those that don’t do anything different than the original. Movies that do that aren’t worth the celluloid they’re filmed on. I bring this up because recently I learned that there’s a Japanese version of Vincenzo Natali’s Cube, which I […]

Crowning The King of Spies

Remember when Netflix cancelled Jupiter’s Legacy (2021) after a single season? I do because it wasn’t that long ago and I thought that it was a bit premature (though considering the production issues connected to the series – which came out after the fact – I shouldn’t be too surprised) though I didn’t think they’d […]