Trailer Into REaction: Hellraiser (2022) | Official Trailer

Earlier today the official trailer for Hulu’s Hellraiser dropped, and it features a FEMALE Pinhead!

I emphasize that because that’s what the trailer does and I find it confusing because there never been anything intrinsically male about Pinhead – beyond being played by a male actor – in that I could see the character easily being played by anyone, of any gender or skin color.

Hulu leaning into the femaleness of the character in their promotional material on one hand feels to me as if they’re feeding the trolls, empowering people who don’t exactly need encouragement to act out.

Though on the other hand one could say that perhaps they’re attempting to defuse the seemingly inevitable shitstorm by leaning into the gender change of an iconic horror character – which is interesting considering how Clive Barker seemed to lean into sadomachism in the creation of the character.

Though ideally speaking it shouldn’t matter, but we live in a world where way too many people are concerned about the color of mermaids. elves and other things that don’t exist.

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