In case you’re wondering, David Zaslav is still looking for someone to act as the ‘Kevin Feige’ for DC Films and apparently it isn’t going to be Walter Hamada (and based on his tenure thus far that’ should be fairly obvious’s probably a wise decision).

My question is why aren’t they looking for someone who’s familiar with the characters they’d be working with (like Jim Lee, currently the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at DC) because, by way of example, if I wanted someone to repair my car an accountant probably wouldn’t be my first choice.

And what makes Lee – or someone like him – such a great choice is that he doesn’t appear to be controversial in the same way that Zach Snyder happened to be, which is to say someone who’s intent on ‘reinterpreting’ characters that many people would say didn’t need reinterpreting in the first place.

What could be happening is that Warner Bros brass has cold feet after hiring a comic person to oversee DC Films – Geoff Johns’ served as Co-Chief Operating Officer of DC Films from 2016-2018, never mind the expensive boondoggle that was Justice League (2017) – though Johns also produced Aquaman (2018), the first DCEU film to earn over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office.


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