Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ Cancelled After First Season

As you’re probably aware, Netlfix’s has already canceled Resident Evil after a single season.

And that really cheeses me off because Sony somehow managed to keep making Resident Evil movies even when every movie after the first sucked (now that I think about it even the first wasn’t that great though it was at least buoyed by the music of Marco Beltrami and Marilyn Manson) yet Netflix has somehow come to the decision that after one season the series is being cancelled (the process how Netflix determines if a series is successful or not is frustratingly opaque though it’s more complex than how many people actually tune in in for any particular period of time).

Though apparently it was rated particularly low on RottenTomatoes (remember I mentioned Netflix’s opacity? I don’t know what bearing RottenTomatoes has on their process, or even if it has anything to do with their process)

And that’s not to imply that Netflix’s interpretation was great – it wasn’t – but at least it was novel, which was enough for me.


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