Trailer Into REaction: Morbius (2022) | Final Trailer

I think it’s an interesting question: Why are we getting a movie based on Morbius The Living Vampire?

The feature is based on a Marvel Comics character, Michael Morbius, who in a search for cure to his own blood-borne illness develops a condition awfully close to vampirism (hence the whole ‘Living Vampire’ thing).

If it weren’t already apparent, Morbius is a very supernatural-adjacent character, which is an interesting notion considering that as far as I’m aware there are no vampires in the SUMC (Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters; an acronym that sounds like something from The Simpsons and is never likely to catch on widely because it’s terrible).

And speaking of vampires, there aren’t any supernatural – or supernatural-adjacent – characters in the SUMC universe (and I’m not saying that there aren’t supernatural characters among all those that make up Spider-Man’s vast world of interconnected characters; that’s not the same as having them exist in the SUMC) though that works not on the premise of what someone’s particularly power set happens to be more so than how they get whatever abilities they happen to have.

For instance, if Spider-Man got his abilities from being bit by Anansi instead of a radioactive spider he’d be a supernatural character, as opposed to a science-based one.

Would it make a bit of difference? Not really though I do like to think about such things on occasion.

Though back to our central query, which is why are we getting a movie based on Morbius? At the end of the day it’s probably because – like in the case of DC Films – the executives in charge of these things don’t quite understand the characters that they’re working with though unlike in the case of Sony, DC Films don’t have a group of films as successful as the most recent Spider-Man trilogy has been.

And sure, the two Venom movies were successful as well (for reasons I don’t quite understand. The first movie was watchable, but only just, which had a lot to do with me not seeing its sequel) but the Marvel Studios-produced Spider-Man films are Sony’s crown jewels.

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