Trailer Into REaction: Barbie (2023) | Official Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for Warner Bros. upcoming Barbie feature dropped today and I only looked at it out of morbid curiosity because I was certain that it wouldn’t be anything I would be interested in, that it would be likely be all girly and Barbie-ish.

And I was wrong (which is certainly a surprise to me – not being wrong, it happens now and again) because it’s an amazing teaser, quite possibly one of the best I’ve seen in quite awhile in fact because it does what a good trailers are supposed to do, which is arouse interest and leave you the least bit curious about what happens in the movie.

And speaking of the movie, that’s not to say that it will be as interesting, but the trailer is so clever that it at least makes me slightly more open to the idea of seeing the movie itself.

And as I implied earlier, I don’t think I’m at all in the demographic.

I’ve already made a reaction to it, though I’ll also post a link to the trailer itself, just in case you want to watch it without my response.

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