Class (2023) | Official Trailer | Netflix India

Netflix’s Elite (2018- ), a series revolving around the lives of (mainly) upper class young adults in Spain as they deal with the travails of making their way in the world and becoming their own people was oftentimes an entertainingly trashy show though I’m more interested in the Indian version, Class, mainly because it takes place in a culture I’m for the most part unfamiliar with.

Then there”s there are the multiple meanings behind the title.

You have ‘class’ in the sense that the story revolves around a school, then there’s the sense of the young people are divided into hierarchies (at first glance, rich and poor, not unlike the series it’s based upon) but that it takes place in India adds an entirely new element because in that country there exists a caste system that divides people even further via some fairly arbitrary characteristics.

Which tends to be the case when a system exists primarily to divide people.


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