Directors To Look Out For: Richard Jobson

Richard Jobson, director/writer of 2008’s “New Town Killers,” is someone to watch for in the future.  The way he composes shots, in a kinetic, rapid-moving fashion, in New Town Killers, reminds me somewhat of Danny Boyle.  It’s similar thematically to “The Most Dangerous Game”–which I haven’t seen, and “Surviving The Game”–which I have.

Changing A Film (Hopefully) For The Better

Sometimes, when novels and comics are adapted into movies, filmmakers take liberties with one aspect or another of the production, in an effort to create something that doesn’t alienate fans or casual viewers.  Sometimes these changes are necessary for numerous reasons, such as: a particular novel may be too long, and scenes may require cutting […]

A Mediation On Violence In Film

I happen to be a big fan of genre films, with horror and science-fiction being two of my favorites.  Now, they aren’t for everyone, which I understand, though what I don’t get is the reason why some of those people don’t at least give them a chance.