‘John Constantine’ Looks Awesome!

Here’s a photo from “Slates From Sarah” Facebook page, where she has a picture of John Constantine from NBC’s upcoming series “Constantine,” based upon the DC Comics character.  I think it goes without saying that he has the look right (it’s so good that it almost looks like a parody of the character) though only […]

What Bothered Me Most About “Man Of Steel”

There’s been something about “Man Of Steel” that hasn’t quite sat right with me (beyond the way that killing seems for him seems to come dangerously close to a first-response tactic). Though I don’t have a problem with the idea that he killed, in and of itself – he has done so in the comics, […]

‘Justice League: Doom’ Trailer

I just finished watching “Justice League: Doom” on Netflix, and I have to admit that I enjoyed it. I like that way that the Hall of Doom was used, and much to my liking, there wasn’t a bit of camp, irony or nods (other than its appearance) to the one that originally that appeared in […]

‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

I have been dealing with a cold since Monday, and I just finished providing tech support to my Mom, so I am a little bit tired at the moment.  Whining aside, I saw the new “Man Of Steel” trailer and noticed that it’s a step up from the teaser, which looked like a fabric softener […]