‘John Dies At The End’ Review

John Dies At The End

“Here’s to all the kisses I snatched, and vice versa.”

—Fred Chu

Think about it for a moment, you’ll get it.

One of Marvel Studios’ Phase Two projects is a feature film version of Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts. I still think that Ioan Gruffudd should play Strange, though who should direct?  On the strength of “John Dies At The End” (never mind his rather bizarre filmography) it should be Don Coscarelli.

The reason being is that the movie takes some really odd subject matter, and not only makes it approachable, but fun.  When I heard that this film was coming out a few years ago, I picked up the book by David Wong, so that I would go into the movie with some idea of what’s going on.

I enjoyed the read, but beneath the weird chocolately coating lies a somewhat conventional center.

What Coscarelli did was bring the most interesting, stranger parts of the novel to the screen, while de-emphasizing the conventional elements.  What’s left is a movie that plays like David Cronenberg’s “Naked Lunch,” with its reliance on mainly practical special effects, while unlike that aforementioned film actually makes sense.

What “John Dies At The End” also reminded me of the Hardy Boys.  On acid.

And apropos of Doctor Strange, wouldn’t Clancy Brown be an awesome Baron Mordo?

I am also resisting the temptation to reveal more about the movie–Trust me.  My restraint has been admirable–but the actors that play John and David Wong, Rob Mayes and Chase Williamson, are a great bit of casting.

I referred to Clancy Brown earlier, though he rounds out a remarkable cast that includes genre veterans like Angus Scrimm, Glynn Turman, Doug Jones and Paul Giamatti (who also executive produced).

Though all is not rosy because “John Dies At The End” deserves a nationwide release, as opposed to the limited one that it actually got.  I live in Washington, DC, and unlike Michael (thanks for reminding me that it was available online) over at Durmoose Movie Musings, I didn’t have the benefit of seeing this awesome movie in a theater.

Pity, that.


‘Ant-Man’ Test Footage To Be Released?

When I heard that Edgar Wright revealed a test footage for his upcoming Marvel Studios film, “Ant-Man”, I was jazzed.  And the Internet, being what it is, made me reasonably sure that someone in attendance at the last Comic-Con would have filmed it despite being told not to (under penalty of being banned from future ‘Cons’).

I have yet to find any footage, leading me to believe that–go figure–that there every once in a while you’re going to find honorable people, though I suspect being banned may have more than a little to do with it.

Though the result is the same, namely that the trailer has yet to see the light of day outside that venue.

Now, after a through de-jazzing, I have re-jazzed because it appears that Marvel may release the footage, which up to this time I have only read descriptions of.

And in other Marvel-related news, it’s unlikely that Viggo Mortensen will play Doctor Strange, which is OK by me because I have always thought that Ioan Gruffudd (he’s already aquainted with the Marvel Universe, after playing Mr. Fantastic in two films. Besides, he even looks like Strange) is the perfect choice to play Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts.

No, Simon Baker Would NOT Make A Good Doctor Strange

According to Collider, some say that Simon Baker, of “The Mentalist” would make a good Doctor Strange.  While I am sure that he could handle the role–after all, he’s a decent actor–there’s no way that he is a good fit for the character.

Mainly because he looks nothing like him.

In the past, I have suggested Ioan Gruffudd, because he has experience working with Marvel (he played Mr. Fantastic in “The Fantastic Four” films and we have seen that Marvel is not above using actors from one of their films in another, witness Chris Evans) and most importantly, he actually looks like the good Doctor.