‘John Constantine’ Looks Awesome!

Here’s a photo from “Slates From Sarah” Facebook page, where she has a picture of John Constantine from NBC’s upcoming series “Constantine,” based upon the DC Comics character.  I think it goes without saying that he has the look right (it’s so good that it almost looks like a parody of the character) though only […]

Black Sails

I have never been particularly fond of pirate films.  Generally, there are too many things about them that are slightly out-of-whack for the time period.  For instance, every character, no matter what, has really good teeth (you’d always have one guy that had virtually none in his head, but that tended to be the exception). […]

TV Shows Cancelled Before Their Time?

I recently caught the entire run of “666 Park Avenue” on Netflix recently.  It was a clearly expensive, good-looking and well-designed series, though its portrayal of evil, personified by Terry O’ Quinn, was somewhat bland (due less to O’ Quinn, who can play sinister with the best of them, than the writing, which leaned toward […]