‘Iron Man 3’ Will Not Be A Serious Movie?

Superherohype is saying that Kevin Feige, Robert Downey, Jr., and Shane Black, the director of the film, are saying that the upcoming “Iron Man 3” will not be a “serious” movie.  Feige, Downey and Black are closer to the production than I am (by an almost indescribable degree), so I think that we can take […]

The Mandarin Lives!

When I heard that Ben Kingsley was going to be in Shane Black’s “Iron Man 3,” I was hoping that he would appear as the Mandarin, especially since the character has been teased since the first film (The ‘Ten Rings’ organization).  Well, it appears that someone has come to their senses, because rumors have it […]

‘Iron Man 3’ Casting

According to Collider, Shane Black’s “Iron Man 3″ is casting soon, so if you’ve never been an extra before, it’s worth considering.  The last time I did it was on “The Dark Knight Rises” and that was a lot of fun (when you factor out that it was really cold, there was LOTS of running […]

Patty Jenkins Chosen To Direct Thor 2!

Earlier today, Patty Jenkins was confirmed as the director of Thor 2, which is really interesting because, no matter if you prefer DC Comics’ characters, like Superman or Batman, you’ve got to give Marvel credit for making bold choices, particularly when it comes to directors. Which doesn’t change that the reason for their choice is […]