Final Cut Pro X Is Here!

Today Apple released Final Cut Pro X, their flagship video editing application. It’s available via the Apple App Store for $299.

The prior version, Final Cut Studio, is in high demand by movie studios for film editing, though it remains to be seen if Final Cut Pro X is adopted as enthusiastically.

At first, seeing the early screenshots, I was not too impressed because it reminded me too much of iMovie 09, which until recently I have been having a somewhat difficult time with.

iMovie 09,’ bears some similarities, in terms of functionality, to iMovie 06’–an earlier version of the application–though differs significantly terms of actually usage because iMovie 06′ was modeled after Final Cut Pro, while 09′ was starting with a clean sheet of paper.

Then a funny thing happened:  I started to use iMovie 09′, and found it friendlier than iMovie 06,’ so I am curious enough to give it a try; and a $299 entry-point certain doesn’t hurt.

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