Conan Vs. Final Cut Pro X

When I have posted video from Conan O’ Brien, it usually had something to do with him skewering movies (such as his “Thor” parodies), though I was surprised to learn that he’s aimed his sights at Apple.

And speaking of Final Cut Pro X, here’s video of someone actually using the program.

Its introduction has not been proceeded smoothly–after all, what new software doesn’t have a few difficulties–though the degree that people are taking issue with the application is a surprise–though hardly unprecedented, especially if you remember MobileMe.

Part of the criticism is that Final Cut Pro X appears to be “iMovie on steroids,” partially because, visually, it looks like a ‘pimped out’ version of iMovie; though more importantly, because the feature set used by power users isn’t quite complete.

Though what I am most curious about is how this will effect professional users of Final Cut Pro in the long term.  Short term, sure there’s a bit of dissatisfaction, though if Apple makes the changes that they require I don’t expect that to last.

Short term, it appears that Adobe may seek to profit, though considering that only recently Apple and Adobe were at arms over Flash on iOS devices, I would have thought that these were waters that Adobe wouldn’t perhaps want to wade into.

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