‘John Carter,’ Mea Culpa (Of Sorts)

For awhile now, I have been been carping on how ‘John Carter’ is due to be a box office dud.  After all, it earned just over $30 million last weekend, getting it’s arse handed to it by a Lorax.   Now, here’s the reason for a reluctant mea culpa:  Foreign box office receipts, which did not figure into my calculations.

I had no idea that the foreign box, which more than doubled domestic figures, would play such a significant role in the films’ fortunes, pardon the pun

I still don’t expect that it will be a huge hit, though it could approach break-even levels quicker than I would have at first thought.

2 thoughts on “‘John Carter,’ Mea Culpa (Of Sorts)

    1. Mainly because it cost too much to make. Prior to ‘John Carter,’ how many people did you know who actually heard of the character (or Edgar Rice Burroughs, for that matter)? Sure, there are people out there, but enough to launch a +250 million franchise? I doubt it.

      Throw in how badly the film was marketed, and to me it adds to a company with way too much disposable income, because it looks like this thing was built to fail.

      Does that mean that I hate ‘John Carter?’ Not at all, if my desire to see it is any indication.

      My problem is that to this day I am not sure who this film is marketed toward.

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