Some may consider the image circled in red as ‘stealing’ – it’s the front section of an Eagle transporter, from Gerry Anderson’s “Space: 1999″ – which from a certain perspective is understandable.

Though, if you look even closer, there’s innovation involved.

When you’re working with a limited budget, sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.  Gerry Anderson’s “Space: 1999” was at the time, the most expensive series on television, but if you didn’t have the benefit of such a relatively large budget, you’d have to do with whatever you could throw together.

I mention this because the screenshot above is from Luigi Cozzi‘s (credited as ‘Lewis Coates’) Starcrash.  Before the advent of computer graphics, it wasn’t unusual for model makers in in science fiction films to use off-the-shelf parts to build their ships, though they were usually better at disguising the fact.

The theme of recycling carries to other aspects of the film as well.  The soundtrack is by John Barry, which if you listen carefully sounds like his theme to Disney’s “The Black Hole” in places.

In fact, if parts of the “Starcrash” soundtrack had replaced that which was used in “The Black Hole,” that film would have benefited because there’s some beautiful music, most of it more subtle that that used in the Disney film.

Check out the “homage” to  Ray Harryhausen to the right.  Sure, compared to Harryhausen it’s not that well done, but it warms the heart to see the attempt.

“Starcrash” came out in 1978, a year after small, insignificant film named “Star Wars” was released.

An obvious tell is the “light saber” scene.  There’s actually an early scene that I would have preferred to use, though this one gets my point across as well.

The film also has Christopher Plummer as the Emperor (who happens to possess the power to halt time for three minutes, which is really useful when you have two minutes to escape from somewhere), and David Hasselhoff as his son, Simon.

By the way, the villain in this film is has some of the worse protection in movies.  The space station where he resides is shaped like a hand (with moving fingers, for some reason).  Though the weirdness comes when, amidst the chaos raining about him, he’s standing around, shouting “Kill!”

For some reason I can’t imagine Emperor Palpatine doing the same.

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