Marvel Studios May Have Found Their ‘Drax’

Drax The DestroyerAnd I don’t mean Hugo Drax, the villain in 1979’s James Bond adventure, “Moonraker.”

Casting for Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy” have been going on since mid-2012, and recently StarLord has been cast.

Now another member of his crew, the lethal alien Drax The Destroyer, may have been found.  According to Collider, Jason Momoa is being considered for the role.

This sounds like perfect casting because Momoa, who recently starred in “Bullet To The Head,” and the failed reboot of “Conan The Barbarian,” actually looks like the character (minus not being green, that is).

Then there’s the fact that Momoa is a better actor than he is often given credit for (if you’re in doubt, check out “Stargate: Atlantis” or even ‘Conan,’ which suffered from a weak script and even weaker direction).

By the way, Drax The Destroyer may be a character that Momoa was born to play because the character he placed on ’Stargate’ was named Ronan Dax, while the character he may be playing is Drax The Destroyer.

Coincidence, or destiny?

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