Kia’s Super Heroic Vehicles

Green Lantern Kia Rio5

Working with DC Comics’ We Can Be Heroes campaign, a relief effort to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa, Kia created a number of custom vehicles for the  2013 New York Auto Show.

The vehicles are designed with styling queues from iconic DC superheroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Aquaman.

The cause that both companies support is admirable and worthy, though the vehicles themselves are a bit…hideous.

For instance, above is an Aquaman-themed Kia Rio5.  The angle of the photo, while dramatic, isn’t the best for seeing the vehicle in its entirely, though you can probably tell it’s not that attractive (which is interesting because Aquaman himself isn’t interesting enough to evoke much emotion one way or another).

Green Lantern Kia SoulHere’s a Green Lantern-themed Kia Soul that looks worse than the Aquaman-themed vehicle. And I get that these cars aren’t meant–I think–to be sold, and are meant to be show cars, but shouldn’t that they look the least bit attractive?

Wonder Woman Kia 1And here’s a Wonder Woman-themed Kia Sportage.  I don’t think that it’s as ugly as the prior two vehicles, but it’s still pretty bad.

Wonder Woman Sportage 2Here’s a shot of the above vehicle from the rear and the opposite side.

Thanks to Car & Driver magazine for the photos.

2 thoughts on “Kia’s Super Heroic Vehicles

  1. Yikes! these cars are about as thrilling for the eyes as I imagine their motion picture counterparts are-except for the Green Lantern car, I think that actually looks way better than the actual movie was. Aquaman has his own struggles with being brought to life on the big screen and looks like it’s even harder to transfer it over to a car design. The Wonder Woman one looks the best overall just for the simple fact of how can stars and stripes not look good on anything!
    If you are interested in super heroes and super hero movies, you should come check out my blog.
    And personally I’m a bigger fan of not just Marvel’s movies but their car designs too. Check out the “Hulk Car” in the link below.,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNFwTwhHpSGuDHfRND9hVnvZe9PKbQ&ust=1365724263550231

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