The Gerry Anderson Legacy Continues!

Anderson EntertainmentWhen Gerry Anderson died in 2013 I assumed that also meant that not only would there be no more series like “UFO,” “Space: 1999” or “Space Precinct” but without his leadership there wouldn’t even be an Anderson Entertainment.

It seems that I am wrong because the company’s web site not only went live recently and hints that there are not only future projects in the pipeline, but that one of those projects will be revealed very soon.

What’s also interesting is that, while the Anderson Entertainment website is run by his son, Jamie, I have no idea who’s currently running the company itself.

The point is that whomever is behind the company will hopefully have the clout (and financial backing, because Anderson’s past series aren’t known for being inexpensive) to continue Anderson’s history of innovation.

And speaking of which, what are they producing?  Will this upcoming project be a new series based upon their existing catalog?  An entirely new series?  Movies?

The possibilities are almost endless, and while the following trailers – which are homages to past Anderson productions – don’t answer any of those questions, they are pretty cool in their own right.

Here’s the “Thunderbirds” edition:

The “Terrahawks” edition:

And “Joe 90.”

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