Kickstarter: Gladstone’s School For World Conquerors

GladstoneWhile I have no hate for Zach Braff or Rob Thomas, the creator of  “Veronica Mars,” this is what a Kickstarter should be.  The Kickstarter campaign for Armand Villavert Jr. and Mark Andrew Smith’s (the writer of the awesome “Sullivan’s Sluggers,” a graphic novel that somehow managed to successfully tie together two of America’s greatest past times: Baseball and violence) “Gladstone’s School For World Conquerors” ended a day or so ago.

Gladstone is a school for the children of supervillains, like Hogworts for the criminally inclined.  In the latest chapter of their adventures they decide to seek some Tarantino-esque vengeance against the superhero known as StormBreaker, who also happened to have defeated their parents.

According to Villavert Jr. the cost of a 22 page section of the comic costs $1000, and that’s only for coloring and lettering, which is probably why the Kickstarter is offered as a PDF instead of an actual graphic novel.  That being said I intend to contact the backers of this Kickstarter to see if it will eventually be offered in a physical format because a good book needs to be appreciated, and the best way to do that is to actually hold it in your hands, something that you cannot do with a PDF.

And as far as I know, Mark Andrew Smith isn’t rolling in dough, which happens to be the case with most writers.

Below is a review of the first series of ‘Gladstone’s.’  The review itself is a bit irritating, though it does illustrate the artwork.

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